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How to uninstall fonts on Windows and Mac

It’s easy to get lost in a sea of ​​fonts as you keep downloading and installing fonts on your computer.

Let’s face it – as a designer, you can’t help but find new fonts every time. You will never stop storing fonts and that’s fine too. Because we all have the same addiction.

There is no such thing as having too many fonts. But you must learn to configure your fonts. Otherwise, it will start to affect your work and productivity.

In this quick guide, we’ll show you how to install fonts that you never use to make room for shiny new fonts.

The importance of organizing fonts

Imagine you are working on a design project and you are creating a great title. You remember the cool font you used a while ago that would be a perfect fit for this title. You start browsing the list of fonts but can’t find it.

We are all there This happens when you keep installing new fonts and forget to configure. Don’t let it affect your productivity.

It’s okay to get rid of fonts that you never use. As long as you keep their backups in a separate folder, you can reinstall them if you ever need to.

When installing fonts, you should try to follow the My Condo method. If a font no longer ignites happiness, just get rid of it.

How to uninstall fonts on Windows

There are several ways to uninstall fonts on Windows. We will start with the easiest way.

Note: Before deleting any fonts, we recommend that you back up your fonts. See Method 3 to learn how to backup fonts.

Method 1: Delete from the font settings page.

If you are using Windows 10, you can delete fonts directly from the pages. How is it here

Install Fonts in Widows

Type on the search bar “Fonts“And open Font settings. Page.

Install Fonts in Widows

From there, find the font you want to delete and open the font page.

Install fonts in widows3

Here you will see one. Install them. Just click the button to delete the font.

Method 2: Use the control panel.

You can also access the fonts page from the control panel. This is a much easier option if you are using an older version of Windows.

Install Fonts in Widow Control Panel.

Just open it Control panel And go Personalization >> Fonts.. If you’re on Windows 7, this is it. Appearance and personality.

Select a font and click the Delete button.

Method 3: Delete the fonts from the directory.

Although the above methods are simple, we recommend that you have direct access to your fonts directory to better organize and manage your fonts collection.

Uninstall the fonts in the Widow Fonts directory.

Go to you Windows Directory Within the Windows directory, you will find a folder. Fonts. This is usually the case. C: Windows on Fonts.

This folder contains all the fonts you have installed. From here, you can delete fonts directly. As well as hiding the font.

You can also back up your fonts from this folder. To make a backup copy, copy any font and paste it into another folder.

How to install fonts on Mac

If you are a Mac user, there are ways you can disable and install fonts. How it works

Go to Applications. And open Font book.

Find and select the font you want to install and press. Delete Key on the keyboard. This will completely remove the font from the fontbook.

If you want to disable a font, select the font you want to disable and click. Disable Checkbox in the toolbar. When you disable a font, it will fade in the font lists. You can reactivate them whenever you want.

As a result.

Now that you have exhausted your font storage, keep in mind what you will add next to this collection. Make sure to include only the best fonts that are useful for your work.

To find the best fonts for designers, you can start by checking our hand-selected font collections.

Frequently Asked Questions about using custom fonts

If you are new to using custom fonts, these FAQs will come in handy.

How to get custom fonts?

There are many ways to get custom fonts. You can download fonts for free from websites like Google Fonts. Or you can get premium fonts for professional design from markets like Envato Elements.

How to install custom fonts on Windows 10?

We talked about how to install fonts but how do you install fonts? Well, it’s easy. After downloading the font, copy the font file, then open the Font Settings page and paste the font. that’s it! Refer to the guide above to see how to access the font settings page.

How to add custom fonts in Photoshop?

You do not need to take any special steps to add fonts to Photoshop. When you add a font to your system’s font collection, it will automatically appear in the list of Photoshop fonts. So just follow the steps in the previous section to install the font.

How to export fonts to Windows

The best way to export fonts to Windows is to use the fonts directory. Go to the C: Windows Fonts folder to access all your installed fonts. Then copy any font to a different folder to export. Now you can share fonts with your friends or keep a backup copy.

What is font licensing?

The font license allows you to use fonts in your projects. There are many different types of font licenses, but basically they all come down to personal use and commercial use licenses.

Most free fonts are only available for personal use and often you have to give credit to their authors. Premium fonts have commercial licenses and you can use them with your client projects and promotional materials.

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