How to set up offline conversions in Google ads

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How to set up offline conversions in Google ads

Google’s pressure on conversion modeling, accurate conversion tracking for iOS 14.5 users, and other recent updates means we now rely on “native” conversion tracking as our true source. Can’t

Ask This PPC is dedicated to all search marketers who see offline conversions as the way forward. One reader asks:

How do I set up offline conversion tracking? Do I need integration or can I manually upload a list?

Offline conversion tracking applies to all B2B, B2C, e-commerce, and reproduction campaigns. In this column, we will focus on the basic functions and strategies that run in all vertical sections.


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What are offline conversions?

Offline conversions have some valuable effects that you know have affected your advertising investment, but even tracking traditional conversions can’t be traced.

These actions may include:

  • Sue for paying customer
  • Full entry.
  • Funds deals.
  • In-store shopping

UTMs are the most important component of offline conversion tracking. They make sure leads can be traced to advertising costs (provided you set up proper tracking in your CRM / shopping client).


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Your UTM structure must be compliant. For example, you might want to commit “cpc” or “ppc” when labeling a source / medium.

How to configure offline conversions with existing integration

There are two configurable ways to track offline conversions:

  • Import from an existing source
  • Upload from files or connections.

If you’re using a popular CRM / ESP (email service provider) / shopping platform, the easiest way to upload via HTTPS would be:

This will allow you to log in to your “source of truth” associated with Google ads.

If you choose “Google Sheets”, make sure you download the correct template (linked here).

Anyone who sets up conversions must have access to at least a “standard” level, although “admin” is preferred.

Integration of non-standard offline conversions

Customs integration does not disable the brand from offline conversions. However, they require a more technical setup.

Although most imports are straightforward, your third party device requires custom.

Import for sync conversions.

It is important to note that this is the best way to track tracking (via API conversions).


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Once you’ve set up conversion information as usual, you’ll get this screen.

Set the steps.

From here, you’ll need to go to your device and configure conversions.


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Offline conversion is very important to decide and setup is much easier than you think.

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