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How to set sleep timer in Spotify.

With Spotify’s sleep timer, you can stop playing music after the default time has elapsed. We’ll show you how to configure and use this feature on your iPhone, iPad and Android phone.

The sleep timer in Spotify is basically the timer of your music. When the timer expires, it stops everything running in the app. You may want to use this feature at bedtime, as this will ensure that your music stops playing when you fall asleep.

Use of sleep timer in Spotify

Sleep timer is only available in Spotify’s iPhone, iPad and Android app.

To use the feature, first open the Spotify app on your phone. In the Spotify app, tap a song to get it started. Then, below, tap on the “Play now” bar.

Play and tap a song. "Running now." Bar in the Spotify app.

On the “Running Now” screen that opens from the top right corner, select the three dots.

Tap on the three dots. "Running now." Screen in the Spotify app.

Scroll down the three dot menu, then tap on “Sleep Timer”.

Faucet "Sleep timer" In the Spotify app's three-point menu.

A “Stop Audio In” screen will open. Here, you can tell when Spotify should stop playing music. Your options are 5, 10, 15, 30, and 45 minutes. You also have the option of 1 hour.

Select “End of track” if you want Spotify to stop playing after the current music track has finished playing.

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Select a time period on "Pause audio." Spotify app page.

When you have selected a time period, Spotify will display a message stating “Your sleep timer has been set.”

Of "Your sleep timer is set." Message in the Spotify app.

And when your timer runs out, Spotify will turn off the music. Now you can sleep peacefully knowing that music doesn’t play all night!

If you want to turn it off before the timer expires, open the same three dot menu and select “Sleep Timer”. Then tap “Turn off timer”.

Select. "Turn off the timer." On "Pause audio." Spotify app page.

And so you use this small but very useful feature in Spotify on your mobile devices!

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