Videos are a standard marketing tool for brands. They have been one of the breakout trends we have witnessed in the marketing world. At no time in human history have we seen many people watching videos online like today.

According to Statista, online video content will make up 82% of internet traffic by 2022. And marketers have reaped big returns from investing in video content. The popularity and increasing demand for video content have increased online video maker websites. Such websites offer free or premium video-making services. And with an increasing demand for video content, such websites are making a great kill. It is a niche you can tap your resources, time, and expertise into, and you can be sure to get good returns.

However, like everything else, the success of any website depends upon how well you market it in the search engines. Visibility of your websites in search engine results could make or break your site. You must know that there are already several online video maker websites that rank high in search engines. To succeed, you must aim to equal or beat their ranks in search engines. And this is why you need a sound search engine optimization strategy. This article will walk you through some ways you can employ to optimize your online video maker website. But before we delve deeper into fine details, it is prudent to start by understanding what SEO is.

What is SEO?

Search engines such as Google and Bing are the beginning point for 68% of online experience. SEO is an online marketing strategy that aims to optimize a website or site pages to boost the quantity and quality of its traffic from search engine organic results. SEO deals with all the strategies, tools, and procedures needed to increase your website’s ranking in the SERPs.

Why Should You Care About SEO?

But why should I invest in SEO? Does my online video maker website get real value from SEO? Is SEO a vital factor in the growth of my online video maker website and business? SEO has several benefits to your website. There is enormous value in ranking on the top page of search engines. The following are benefits your site will get by investing in SEO.

1.       Visibility and Ranking

One of the most obvious reasons you need to invest in a sound SEO strategy is to increase visibility and rankings in the search engine results pages. You want prospects to easily find your online video maker website when searching for your services. The higher your website pages rank in search engines, the easier it will be for your prospects to find you.

Previous analysis and studies have proved that the top pages in search engines get the most clicks. According to an analysis of 5 Million Google search results conducted by Banklinko, the first result of Google’s organic search results receives an average click-through rate of 31.7%. See more details of the analysis in the graph below. Another study points out that 67.6% of clicks go to the first five organic results.

You want visitors to click and browse your website, so you should invest many resources and time in SEO. The more effective your SEO strategies, the higher your website will rank in search engines and the better your visibility.

You are running your video maker website because you want to sell your products and services to your clients. Clients will seek you out based on several needs. Customers must see you as someone who can fulfill their needs, and this is why you need to be very careful with your keywords. You will use the keywords to spur engagements. In a nutshell, SEO is a visibility pathway that improves conversion rates and leads.

2. SEO Establishes Authority

Page authority is an increasingly vital factor to both page users and Google. Page authority means that customers or prospects can trust your website because it offers high-quality, link building survey relevant services and has something to offer. You must strive to hit a high PA score for your website’s success. Many SEO experts believe that getting external links from credible sources can help to boost your PA status. You can use a tool such as MOZ to check your PA rating. 

3. Seamless Visitor Experience

With all the efforts you insert into generating great content, optimizing web speeds, creating a mobile-friendly website, and making your site more responsive, you also improve users’ experience with SEO. User experience is an essential element that determines the success of every website. So, although not directly, SEO plays a role in optimizing a website’s user experience. 

Things to Keep In Mind Before Starting SEO For You Online Video Maker Website

After reading the benefits of optimizing your online video maker website for SEO, I am sure you are anxious to learn some of the proven tricks you can use to optimize the website for SEO. However, there are three very vital things you need to know first. 

  • How SEO Works

First, you must have a deeper understanding of how SEO operates. The primary objective is to give users the information they are searching for while increasing your visibility and boosting conversions. Your users want a fast, more efficient, and quality service of how they can create videos, either for their websites or for alternative uses. If users complete their search journey on your website, it is a clear indicator to search engines that your website offered value to what the users were looking for, making your website a great choice. 

Google rewards secure, fast, mobile-optimized, and those websites with captivating content with high ranks in search engines. The higher the ranks, the more successful a website is likely to become. However, if users visit your site and leave almost immediately, Google will know that your website does not possess what the searchers are looking for. 

  • How Long It Takes to Get Rankings

Again, this is a crucial aspect you will have to consider when dealing with SEO. I will be sincere with you- do not expect to hit the top pages within a short time. SEO is a journey meant for resilient and patient web admins. Most search engines do not favor new domains since they tend to appear more “unreliable.” So, with the right tools and SEO strategies, it can take you about six or twelve months to start seeing the fruits of your SEO. In whatever you do, do not be quick to give up. Success in SEO takes time and calls for much patience. 

  • Measuring SEO 

The final thing you need to know before embarking on SEO is to understand how to measure the success of your SEO strategy. Measuring success requires you to be able to quantify and see it. There are three tools you can use to measure the success of your SEO. First, you can use the Google Search Console. The tool allows you to see how your website pages appear in searches and how often your pages are clicked. The tool will also reveal to you in case your page is penalized. 

Secondly, you can use Google Analytics to determine the success of your SEO strategy. With this tool, you can check the number of unique and returning visitors that have visited your pages, categorize your site visitors by country, internet browser, time, type of device, and source, see real-time website visitors, discover the average time users spend on your website and why they leave and track your interactions with your users. 

Lastly, you can use the Ahrefs webmaster tool. The tool will allow you to perform SEO audits on your website and point out some technical problems that might be hurting your SEO. The tool will also help you track lost and fresh backlinks and track keywords. 

Ways to SEO Optimize Your Online Video Maker Website

4. Buy SSL Certificate for your Website

One of the easy tips to improve your visibility in search engine results is to buy SSL certificate. Search engines have given significant priority to HTTPS websites over HTTP websites. There is a simple logic behind this. Google values the security and privacy of users. Because search engines do not directly influence a website’s security, they had to develop how to trigger web admins to pay more attention to site security. 

In 2015, Google included the HTTPS factor as one of its ranking factors. HTTPS sites would, henceforth, rank higher than HTTP websites in the SERPs. The HTTPS/HTTP factor would be used as a tiebreaker in a situation where two web pages had equaled in all the other ranking factors—although the SSL certificate does carry a little weight like other ranking factors when you buy an SSL certificate one assures you a great spot in the SERPs. 

5. Publish Creative, Relevant, Informative, and Authoritative Content

Relevant, informative, and authoritative content is the top driver of your rankings. The phrase “Content is King” is trendy among SEO experts. Creating quality content specifically for your intended users will help establish authority and relevance to your site visitors and search engines. 

For instance, creating content on the importance of videos in online marketing strategies or tutorials about how your site visitors can use your online video maker website as such content looks relevant and informative. You must also know the various types of content suitable for SEO. Content can be images, texts, blogs, video tutorials, etcetera. 

Google gives much priority to the fresh and original content. Copy-pasting or content spinning won’t work out for you. Google penalizes sites that have plagiarized content. Therefore, you must focus on creating original and quality content. Quality content refers to that which is free from errors, and spelling mistakes and has good sentence flow. You can consider hiring a professional content creator to do the task for you.

Additionally, ensure you consistently update the content. Visitors want a reason to return to your site for fresh content. Search engines will also be checking in for fresh content.

6. Use Relevant Keywords

Keywords also matter a lot in SEO. They are the words that your audience will use to reach your website. Keywords may be single words or complex phrases and are essential in informing website content and increasing the relevance of organic searches. When researched and used effectively, keywords might be the conduit that connects your website to your clients. Before drafting your website’s content, ensure you undertake deep keyword research to find the right keywords. 

7. Increase Your Website’s Speed

Website speed has been a ranking factor since 2010. Therefore, slow websites will rank low in search engines, while fast websites will rank high. Apart from being a direct ranking factor, page speeds also influence the bounce rates and dwell times. Google will penalize sites with high bounce rates by ranking them low on result pages. 

8. Create a Mobile-Friendly Website

Mobile-friendliness is a ranking factor in both Google’s and Bing’s algorithms. Mobile-friendly websites will outrank non-mobile-friendly websites. It does not matter whether your website relies on mobile traffic or not. You have to make it mobile-friendly for the sake of your SEO. 

LinkingInbound, outbound, and internal links are also vital for the SEO of your online video maker website. Internal links direct visitors to your website’s other pages within the website. Inbound links originate from external websites to your website, while outbound links link to a website with different domain names. Links to high-quality, authoritative, credible, and trustworthy websites are essential for your SEO. 


Video marketing is increasingly popular these days. Website owners are looking for some options to create video content for their websites. If you have the skills and resources to establish an online video maker website, you can be sure to make a fortune. However, the journey might not be easy for you because of the existence of more established websites offering similar services. Still, you do not have to be worried because, with the right SEO skills, you can outshine your competitors in search engines. This article has discussed the tips you can adopt to improve your ranks in search engines and explained some things you must know about SEO.

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