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How to remove your Google profile picture.

Google displays your profile picture in all of its products. If you want to keep your photo private, you can remove the photo from your profile. We’ll show you how to do this for your Google Account.

We’ll also show you how to remove an image from Google’s archives so that it is no longer accessible.

Note that Google’s mobile app does not offer the option to remove the profile picture. Therefore, you will need to use a web browser on your Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebook, iPhone, iPad, or Android device to perform the image removal process.

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How to delete Google profile picture.

If you’re ready, get started by opening the web browser on your device and accessing the Google Accounts site. There, log in to your Google Account if you haven’t already.

On the Google Accounts site, select “Personal Information” from the sidebar.

Click. "Personal Information" On the Google Accounts site.

On the “Personal Information” page, you’ll see the “Basic Information” section. Here, click on “Image”.

Select. "Image" On "Personal Information" Google Accounts site page.

A larger version of your current profile picture will open. At the bottom of this image window, click “Remove”.

Tip: If you want to change your profile picture and not delete it, click “Change” instead.

Click. "far off" In the profile picture window on the Google Accounts site.

A prompt will open asking if you believe you want to remove it. Here, click “Remove” to confirm your choice.

Click. "far off" I "Remove profile picture." Point to the Google Accounts site.

Google will display a confirmation message stating that it will remove your profile picture from all its products in a day or two. Close this box by clicking “Understood”.

Click. "got it" Closing the profile picture removal box on the Google Accounts site.

Back on the “Personal Information” screen, you’ll see that your profile picture is gone. Now only the initial name of your name exists.

Image removed on Google Accounts site.

And that’s how you get rid of your image from your Google Account.

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Bonus tip: Delete profile picture from Google Archives.

Even if you delete a profile picture, Google keeps a copy of that picture so you can use it again in the future.

If you also want to remove the image from this copy archive, access the Google Accounts site, click “Personal Information” and select “Image”. In the image window that opens, in the upper right corner, click on the three dots and select “Past profile pictures”.

Click and select the three dots. "Past profile pictures" On the Google Accounts site.

A “Profile photo” screen will open. Here, click on the “Profile Photos” album. Select image to delete. On the full screen page of the image, in the top right corner, click on the three dots, and select “Delete Image”.

Click and select the three dots. "Delete image." On the Google Accounts site.

In the “Delete this image” box, click “Delete” to confirm your action.

Select. "Delete" I "Delete this image." Point to the Google Accounts site.

And Google will also remove your selected profile picture from its archive.

Did you know that you can also change the image of your account on your Windows 10 PC?

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