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How to remove spaces in Microsoft Excel.

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Copying text in Microsoft Excel often results in annoying spaces, and it’s difficult to manually remove trailing, landing, and any other extra space from your spreadsheet sales. Fortunately, Excel has two features that make it easy to remove them.

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Ways to delete white space in Excel

In Excel, use the TRIM function to remove the front, back, and extra spaces between words in a particular string. This function deletes all spaces between words except single spaces.

Use Excel’s Replace feature to remove all spaces, including intermediate words. You can quickly do this across your entire spreadsheet, or restrict it to a specific area.

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Remove lead, trailing, and extra whitespace in Excel.

To begin removing leading, back, and extra spaces from your sales, first open your spreadsheet with Microsoft Excel. We’ll use the following spreadsheet with extra space.

Excel spreadsheet with extra spaces.

Select the cell with the first record in your spreadsheet. This is where your text will appear without additional spaces.

Select the cell with the first record.

In the selected cell, type the following. TRIM Press Function and Enter. In the function, change. B2 With the cell where your first record is.


Enter the TRIM function in the cell.

From the bottom right corner where you typed. TRIM Function, drag down so that the formula is copied to all your records.

Drag the TRIM function cell downwards.

Now you have your text in your spreadsheet without any extra space.

Extra spaces were removed from the cells.

Are there any duplicate rows in your spreadsheet? If so, they are easy to remove.

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How to remove all spaces in Excel.

To get rid of all spaces from your spreadsheet, use Excel’s Replace feature as follows.

First, open your spreadsheet and select the cells from which you want to remove spaces.

Select the cells containing the extra spaces.

In the Excel ribbon at the top, click on the “Home” tab.

Click on "Home" Tabs in Excel.

In the “Home” tab, from the “Edit” section, select the “Search and select” option.

Select. "Search and select" I "Home" Tab

From the expanded menu, select “Change”.

Click. "Change" I "Search and select" Menu.

Excel will open a “Find and Replace” window. Here, click on the “Find What” box and type a place. Leave the “Replace with” field blank. Then click “Change All” at the bottom of the window.

Enter a place in "Find what" Box and click "Change all."

Excel will find and delete all spaces from your worksheet.

Tip: If you realize you’ve made a mistake, quickly return to your places by pressing Ctrl + Z on Windows or Command + Z on Mac.

Removed all spaces from Excel worksheet.

And this way you keep your entries clean by removing any unwanted spaces from them!

Need to remove empty rows or columns from your Excel spreadsheet? There are easy ways to do this.

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