How to play the mightiest game of Bingo online

Bingo has been around for centuries, becoming a popular way to raise money for charities, events and soldiers, as well as being enjoyed recreationally. In its early years, the game of chance was enjoyed at fairs and by the seaside, being used as a way for players to try and earn some extra cash.

In the modern-day, you can play Bingo online at any time you’d like, anywhere you have internet access. And so, the magic and excitement of the game is kept alive through new, accessible and themed games, not just at land-based Bingo halls.

So, if you wish to play the mightiest game of Bingo of all time the next time you visit an online casino, then you’re in the right place because the Age of the Gods Bingo room is sure to get you feeling divine.

Keep reading to see how you can aim for the heavens.

Age of the Gods Bingo

When you enter the Age of the Gods Bingo room, you’ll be transported to a game of 90-ball Bingo, but of course, there’s a heavenly twist. The standard game offers a range of prizes, including a line win, where all the numbers displayed in a horizontal line on your ticket have been called, and a win for two lines, when all the numbers are displayed on two lines of a single ticket have has been called. There’s also the House prize, also known as Bingo, which is won when all the numbers displayed on one ticket have been called.

You should remember that two or more players can win and share a prize in Bingo, should you both meet the same winning criteria at the same time. In this case, the prize will be distributed evenly between the players.

Arena of the Gods

Patience is a virtue, as the mightiest, most divine gameplay of all doesn’t come along until the end. The Arena of the Gods is a post-game feature that’ll unleash its power at the end of the Bingo game is the Age of the Gods coin appeared in the ball call area at the start of the standard game.

As you enter the arena, you’ll see a grid with nine coins to choose from. The lucky player who won the Full House will be responsible for selecting as many coins as is necessary in order to match three of the same gods or goddesses within the panel. In the case of multiple Full House winners, the coins will be turned automatically using a trusty random number generator.

The most heavenly prizes

In the Arena of the Gods feature game, there are four prizes available. These come in the form of some of the mightiest gods and goddesses, depending on who the winner matched three of within the panel. These include:

  • The Zeus award – This pays 100% of the total amount to every eligible player, including the Full House winner.
  • Hades award – If Hades makes an appearance, 100% of the total amount will be paid to the winner of the Full House only.
  • Athena award – Should Athena reveal herself, 75% of the total amount will be shared between all players, and the remaining 25% will be claimed by the Full House winner.
  • Ares award – Ares will pay 75% of the total amount to the Full House winner, and split the remaining 25% between the other eligible players.

So, do you think you have what it takes to unleash the power of the gods in the mightiest game of Bingo?

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