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How to play PS5 games on your iPhone.

Mobile games and console games were clearly separated, but those lines are getting blurred every day. With the advent of high-powered mobile devices and streaming and remote play, you can play console-quality games یا or stream original games from your console اپنے to your iPhone or iPad. Here’s how to play PS5 games on your iOS devices.

This functionality is done via remote play, a feature that streams games from your PS5 console to your phone, using the screen as a display device. Contrary to the name, remote play cannot be done too far, as you need to be connected to a network like your PS5. But remote play is a great option for moments when you’re at home but don’t have access to a TV.

First, you’ll want to connect your PS5 DualSense controller to your iOS device. Although the PS5 is being used as a display for the system, you can’t easily pick up your DualSense and use it as usual. It needs to be connected to the phone. Also, download the PS Remote Play app from the iOS App Store. When it downloads, you can prepare your PS5 to connect to your phone.

How to enable PS5 remote play on iPhone or iPad.

  1. Enable remote play.
    Go to Settings> System> Remote Play and check the “Enable Remote Play” box.
  2. Link to iOS device.
    After activating Remote Play, go to “Link Device”. You will be given a unique 8-digit code to input into your mobile device via the Remote Play app. This will connect the devices.
  3. Select your console (after initial setup).
    These steps will enable remote play for the first time. After launching the Remote Play app, you may be prompted to enter your PlayStation username and password. Then select your console from the list of LinkedIn devices to start remote play.
Ghost of Sushima: Director Kit and Sean Samurai, a great combination.
Ghost of Sushima: Director Kit and Sean Samurai, a great combination.

Again, keep in mind that Remote Play is meant to be used at your home, using the same broadband wired network that is connected to your PlayStation 5. Excellent experience. You cannot use remote play with cell network. And naturally, you’ll need a free PlayStation Network account to log in to your account on all devices.

What can you play

Since Remote Play is using your phone as a display device, there are no hard limits to what you can do compared to playing normally on the PS5. You’ll be able to play games, switch between games, start downloading or make purchases on the PlayStation Store, manage settings, or whatever you’d normally do on your PS5. ۔

However, some games that use special controllers, such as PlayStation VR games, will not work with Remote Play. Reading some text heavy games on the iPhone’s small screen can also be a challenge, so keep that in mind when you plan your play sessions.

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