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How to order photo albums and prints from Google Photos

Google Photos is known to be a great solution for cloud storage, but you may not know that it is also a photo printing service. We’ll show you how to use it to send picture books and prints to your door.

What do you want to know

There are various options for photo printing with Google Photos. You can order prints on local CVS, Walgreens, or Walmart. If you do not wish to do so, they may be delivered to you.

It is possible to order prints from the iPhone, iPad and Android app, however, the experience is much better if you use the Google Photos website in a desktop browser like Google Chrome. This is what we will use in this guide.

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First, go to photos.google.com in your desktop browser. Select the “Print Store” tab in the left sidebar.

Go to "Print Store" Tab.

At the top, you will see a variety of items that you can order. Here are your four choices for September 2021:

  • Picture books: 9X9 ″ hardcover or 7X7 ″ softcover, starting at $ 9.99.
  • Photo print: Starting at 4X6 ″, 5X7 ″, 8X10, $ 0.25.
  • Premium Print Series: 10 Premium 4X6 prints every month for 6.99.
  • Canvas Print: 8X8 ″, 11X14 ″, 16X20 ″, starting at $ 19.99.

Each of these processes is slightly different, but they all revolve around the selection of images you want to use and customize them to your liking. We’ll show you how it works for photobooks and prints.

How to order a photo album from Google Photos

Select “Photo Box” first to order the album.

Select. "Picture books"

Get started by clicking the “Create a photobook” button.

Click on "Make a photo book." Button

Next, select all the images you want to include in the book. Don’t worry about the order at this time. When you’re ready, select “Done” in the upper right.

Select all the pictures you want to include in the book.

You will now see a preview of the book. Navigate to a page to select the image you want to display.

Navigate to a page to select the image you want to display.

Make sure a title is included on the cover.

Add a title to the cover.

Captions can be added to any page.

Add a caption.

To re-order pages, drag and drop them wherever you want.

Drag to move pages.

When everything looks good, click “Next” in the top right.

Click. "Next."

Now select the type of book you want to order and click “Apply”.

Choose the book of your choice.

All that remains is to “check out”! You will be guided through shipping and payment.

Be careful. "check this out" To finish.

How to order print from Google Photos

To order individual photo prints, select “Photo Prints” to get started.

Select. "Photo prints."

Click the blue “Order Photo Prints” button in the upper right.

Click on the blue. "Order photo prints." Button

Select as many images as you like. Each will be printed individually. Click “Done” when you’re ready.

Select as many images as you like.

This is where you can choose the print size you want, adjust the image crop, do minimal photo editing, and choose how many copies you’d like.

Adjust prints.

When the prints look good, click “Next” in the top right corner.

Click. "Next."

You will be asked to enter your location to find a pickup location.

Enter your location.

Select a location from the results.

Select a location to take.

The last step is to click on “Place Order”. You can pay for them when you pick them up at the store.

The last step is to click. "place order."

That’s all. Google makes this process very easy, and it will work no matter what type of product you are trying to order. Google Photos can be your one stop for all your photo needs, digital and physical.

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