How To Market Your Business With Student Athletes

Jennifer and Tuckles Dawkins.

From left: Tim Neves of Nevis Legal, Megan Scags, a gymnast and graduate student at the University of Florida, and John Chanty of Viral Nation. Nevis Legal; Megan Scags Viral Nation Insider.

This summer, the NCAA opened up a whole new market of influence and business by establishing an interim policy allowing college athletes to make money from their likeness and likeness. These students are the next generation of power players in their generation with the ability to sign sponsorships, brand campaigns and ambassador programs.

In this webinar, experts will explain how businesses of any size can adapt to this new market. We’ll talk about how individual college guidelines and state laws, the legal parameters of draft contracts for student athletes, what incentives this growing influence will offer to sweeten their deals, and What can this partnership do for small businesses?

Join us for our free event on September 8 at 1 PM EST / 10 AM PST.

Meet our panelist:

  • Tim Nevis, NCAA Investigator and Founder of Nevis Legal.
  • June Chanty, Executive vice president of the influential marketing agency Viral Nation.
  • Megan Scags, Gymnast and graduate student at the University of Florida

Topics under discussion include:

  • The latest developments in NCAA policies and how colleges across the country are responding.

  • What legal considerations should businesses keep in mind when working with student athletes?

  • How businesses can get student players to represent their brands.

  • What student players look for in brands and what they expect in their contracts.

There will also be an opportunity to ask live questions during the webinar.

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