If you want to log out of your Facebook account from all your login devices, you do not need to log out individually on each device. Facebook offers an option to sign out of all devices at once, and we’ll show you how to use it.

Log out of Facebook on all devices from the website.

If you’re on a Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chromebook computer, use the Facebook site to sign out of all your Facebook login devices.

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To do this, launch a web browser on your computer and open the Facebook site.

On the Facebook site, in the upper right corner, click the down arrow icon.

From the drop-down icon menu, select “Settings and Privacy”.

From the Extended “Settings and Privacy” menu, select “Settings”.

Select. "Setting" From "Settings and privacy." Menu on Facebook site.

Facebook will take you to your account settings page. Here, in the left sidebar, click “Security and Login”.

Click. "Security and login." I "Setting" On the Facebook site.

On the “Security and Login” page that opens, from the “Where you are logged in” section, click on the “See more” option.

Select. "View More" On "Security and login." Page on Facebook site.

You will see a list of devices where you use your Facebook account. To sign out of all these devices, click “Exit all sessions” in the bottom right corner of the “Where you’re logged in” section.

Select. "Log out of all sessions." On "Security and login." Facebook site page.

A logout of all sessions will appear. Click “Logout” immediately to confirm your choice.

Click. "Log out" I "Log out of all sessions." Point to the Facebook site.

And Facebook will log you out of all your login devices!

To reuse your Facebook account on these devices, you must enter your Facebook username and password.

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Log out of the Facebook mobile app on all devices.

If you use an iPhone, iPad, or Android phone, you can use the official Facebook app to sign out of Facebook on all your devices at once.

Launch the Facebook app on your phone to use this method.

In the Facebook app, tap on the three horizontal lines menu. On the iPhone or iPad, this menu is at the bottom of the app. On Android phones, you’ll find this menu in the upper right corner of the app.

Open up "Menu" In the Facebook app

Scroll down the “Menu” screen that opens, and tap “Settings and Privacy.”

Select. "Settings and privacy." From "Menu" In the Facebook app

From the “Settings and Privacy” menu options, select “Settings”.

Select. "Setting" From "Settings and privacy." Menu in the Facebook app.

Scroll down the “Settings” screen to the “Security” section. Here, tap on “Security and Login”.

Select. "Security and login." From "Setting" Menu in the Facebook app.

On the “Security and Login” page, next to the “Where you’re logged in” header, tap “View All”.

Faucet "see all" On "Security and login." Page in the Facebook app.

Facebook will show you a list of devices where you use your account. At the bottom of this screen, tap “Log out of all sessions.”

Faucet "Log out of all sessions." In the Facebook app

On the “Logout of all sessions” page that opens, select “Logout”.

Select. "Log out" On "Log out of all sessions." Page in the Facebook app.

And you are ready. Sign out of any device you use your Facebook account on.

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