How to invest in Tesla with less than a gallon of gas

While you traditionally needed to be able to afford at least one full share as the acceptance price if you believed in a particular stock and wanted to take advantage of the share price increases, you can now buy as much (or as little) of a small portion of a share as your pocketbook allows. So if you have enough to buy a gallon of gas – about $4, you can buy 0.003 of a Tesla share.

Now, not every broker offers broken arrow It allows you to invest very little. Some have a $5 minimum or set other restrictions. But others allow you to invest as long as your transaction will bring you 0.001 of the share. So, if you want to buy a Tesla with less than a gallon of gas, you’ll need to research brokerages carefully to find one that allows it.

Of course, the important question on your mind might be, is it worth buying so little stock? The answer is yes. While your gallon of gas doesn’t have the opportunity to grow your fortune, buying a partial share of Tesla stock does. If the stock goes up, you will make the same percentage of gains as any other investor. A 100% share price increase will turn $4 into $8. Although that still doesn’t seem like a princely amount, you’ll get double your money for your efforts.


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