How to increase social media growth in 2021

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How to increase social media growth in 2021

Paul James and Nafez Husseini outline tips to help brands increase their resilience and revenue in the dynamic community.

December 29, 2020

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The year 2020 has shown how important and necessary social media marketing is in brand growth. With the pandemic and the closure that is forcing people to stay indoors, the time spent online in the community has increased significantly. This year, companies that invested in the right social media strategy reaped the benefits of more followers and more sales. Those who did not yet have time to fix it in 2021, according to digital marketing experts Paul James and Nafez Husseini.

Utilization of social business

It’s a long time ago when you had to visit a store or an online business website to buy a product. Nowadays, you can see a product you want on social media such as Instagram, research it, and finally complete the delivery process; all on the ramp without ever having to leave it.

“Most people have spent a lot of time online because of being indoors most of the year. This is the time to use social media, where people can easily shop when browsing, for example, Facebook or Instagram,” says Husseini.

According to James, social business is perfect as the buyer is quick and easy. “Social business is fast as all business is done on social media. This increases the likelihood of someone buying your product instead of seeing the ad, then going to your website, adding to a cart, filling out their card information and finally buying “The more steps there are between someone seeing a product and completing the purchase, the easier it is for that person to lose interest and stop buying,” he explains.

Use of targeted advertising

James argues that the use of targeted social media advertising should be at the top of every brand’s social media strategy.

“Place targeted ads on social media based on different demographics, such as gender, occupation, and location. Instead of using general ads, you can customize the ads so that college students see ads related to college life while new moms will see baby products,” explains James.

Husseini adds that brands can use user data and target exactly the audience they want. For example, teens will be on TikTok while moms and dads will likely be on Facebook.

“Targeted social media ads help you run successful marketing campaigns where each user sees an ad that is relevant to them.”

Use of video content marketing

Videos have grown rapidly on social media. From pure video platforms like TikTok and YouTube to other platforms like Instagram and Facebook that use videos to convey messages, video sales marketing is essential for any good social media marketing strategy.

“After being a YouTuber for the last decade, I’ve seen firsthand the benefits of using videos to advertise products,” explains James. “It’s easier to talk about the product and show its importance on video.”

Video marketing is not limited to YouTube as Husseini adds.

“Short and compelling videos on social media often become like wildfire. They have a wider range and increased participation, leading to higher conversion rates and increased revenue,” he concludes.


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