How to improve website loading speed.

Website speed optimization. There is always an important task for a marketer to take into account in improving the user experience and ranking on the Google search results page, as well as other aspects of digital marketing. Is your website experiencing slow loading? Severe loss to the customer? Then here are 10 tips to speed up your website!

Apply AMP and PWA to improve your website.

This is one of the most popular ways to speed up outstanding websites that professional web development companies often implement. To help you better understand the above two terms, the next material will explain the above two terms in detail.

  1. AMP (high speed mobile pages) Accelerated Mobile Pages is an open source initiative that improves your website to load faster and look good on mobile devices, even when the network is slow.

  2. PWA (Progressive Web App) Is a combination of excellent web and applications, helping users to download or download faster even when network connection is unstable. In addition, PWA supports relevant push notifications.

Combining AMP and PWA for websites makes web pages load faster, which means it can potentially improve usage and keep users engaged with your content on the page longer. ۔ In this way, it helps to improve low bounce rate, promote an effective marketing process and improve website ranking on mobile search.

Improve the website by enabling compression mode.

To speed up your website 1.5 times, you need to enable image compression, CSS compression, JS compression, HTML compression. To make it easier to understand, image compression is just a way to reduce the size of the image, to reduce the color, which will speed up the process of loading the visitor despite the poor quality of the image.

One thing to keep in mind is that businesses should limit the uploading of at least images to the page as large image sizes will slow down your website and lead to a situation where visitors find it difficult to be patient. Will go Stay up to date with the latest 4.0 technology.

In addition, the CSS Compression Tool – helps speed up the website by simply compressing the CSS file using SEO software. Although the process of CSS compression is simple, it helps to reduce the size of the website, and makes the web operation process much easier and faster.

If your website loads too slowly, it may be because it contains too much JavaScript and CSS. Because each HTML document has a separate script and CSS, every time an HTML file is called, it is downloaded, which causes the cache to fill up quickly and Increases the size of the HTML file. So to solve the above problem, make your website smaller and better.

Some tools and websites help you to easily and quickly improve image size, such as Web Resizer, GIF Boot, Smash AT, Dynamic Drive Image Optimizer, JPEG Cleaner, Tiny PNG. ..

Use the caching plugin.

Caching plugins reduce server load and speed up the site. Therefore, it is important to cache the pages as HTML files and speed up the page to the browser. Some popular and free plugins that you can use are WP – Supercache, Quick Cache, or W3 – Total Cache.

Therefore, in order to increase the speed of the website by 1.5 times, businesses need to pay attention to the use of caching plugins in order to reduce the overload of the website and create convenience for the website visitors.

There are many paid plugins so if you want to buy 1 plugin at a discounted price you can refer to the discount for the plugin to save more for your digital marketing campaign. You can easily find many promotions websites that specialize in providing discounts and coupon codes, deals.

Reduce server response time.

Server response time is the amount of time the browser sends a request to the server until it receives a response.

The timing of a fast or slow response depends on a variety of factors. If your goal is to have less than 200 ms (milliseconds) of response time from the server, then you should upgrade your hosting, as very weak hosting is the main reason for slow server response.

In addition, you can use the Yslow tool to evaluate website speed and get suggestions for improving performance. Or Google Page Speed ​​Insights to learn more about the actual website load speed performance.

Restrict plugins to improve your website.

Too many plugin-installed websites will slow down your website, causing many security issues and problems that are difficult to handle. Therefore, businesses need to pay close attention to this issue so that they make the right decision to remove all unnecessary plugins that slow down the page load speed of the website.

Also, when you use too many plugins, it will pose a security risk to the website. Please be aware and keep only those plugins that are really necessary and secure. Alternative solutions should be found or better optimized plugins should be used that do not affect the loading speed of the website.

Minimize resources.

In fact, for businesses, “resources” are a core part of the business. However, don’t overuse this issue and download too much information, unnecessary and redundant information will affect the operating process and waste the time and expense that your website creates. Works slow

Therefore, you should consider doing research on businesses and markets in order to create good effects for businesses and be useful to visitors.

Website optimization using CDN (Content Delivery Network)

CDN works by hosting website files on a large network of servers around the world.

For example, when a user visits your website from another country, they are downloading files from their nearest server. Because bandwidth is spread across many different servers, it reduces the application load when used on a single server, which also protects the web from DDoS attacks and increases traffic.

As such, using CDBN to host your website files over the network is a great way to speed up your website, which can save up to 60% of your bandwidth and your site. Can halve requests.


The above tips will help you to find more useful information to speed up the website. These are all experiences I have gained in the process of learning about web design and improving websites for clients and myself. Hopefully you can apply to make the website faster.


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