How to hide specific folders from search results in Windows 11.

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Want to hide folder content from search results on Windows 11? Some folders may interrupt your search with poor results. If so, add this folder to the list of excluded folders in Settings. This is how

By default, Windows 11 finds items in your Docs, Photos, Music, and Desktop folders. When you hide a folder from search results, Windows 11 stops looking at that folder to search for content.

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To start hiding folders in search results, first open the Settings app on your Windows 11 PC. Press Windows + i to do this immediately.

In the settings, from the left sidebar, select “Privacy and Security”.

Click. "Privacy and security" In the settings

On the “Privacy and Security” page, in the “Windows Permissions” section, click “Windows Search”.

Click. "Windows Search" On "Privacy and security" Page

On the “Searching Windows” page, the “Exclude Folders From Enhanced Search” section displays the folders that are hidden from the search results. To add your folder here, click “Add a Deleted Folder”.

Select. "Add a deleted folder." On "Windows Search" Page

You will see a “Select Folder” window. In this window, select the folder you want to hide in the search results.

Select a folder in "Select folder." Window

The path to the folder you selected will appear in the “Exclude Folders From Enhanced Search” section. This confirms that your folder is now hidden from search results.

Of "Exclude folder from better search." Section

To open your hidden folder, then next to your folder in the “Exclude Folders from Enhanced Search” section, click on the three dots and select “Remove”.

Select. "far off" For deleted folders.

And so you prevent some folders from appearing in Windows 11 search results. Very useful for users focused on privacy!

You can also hide a folder completely so that it does not appear in File Explorer.

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