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How to get started on meeting notes in Google Docs.

When you arrange a meeting, it may be your responsibility to take note. Whether you plan to share these notes or keep them as a reference, be prepared to grab them. Google Docs provides an easy way to get you started.

With a few clicks, you can select an upcoming meeting and get details with the Notes and Action Items sections. Then when the meeting starts, you are one step ahead.

Insert a meeting notes template into Google Docs.

Go to Google Docs and sign in. You’ll want to use the same Google Account that contains the Google Calendar meeting.

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Go to the place where you want to include meeting notes in your document. From the menu bar, click Insert> Templates and select “Meeting Notes”.

Select Meeting Notes next to Templates.

You’ll then see a drop-down list of suggested events from your Google Calendar. Choose a meeting or use the search box if you have many.

Select the event.

And just like that, a meeting note template will pop up in your document. You’ll see the date, title, and audience as smart chips. You can only click one for additional details.

Click on the smart chip for details.

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You have a space for notes in which the first bullet point is ready for your input. You also have the Action Items area with the first box of a checklist. Like any list in Google Docs, add your item, press Enter, and you’ll see another tablet or checkbox ready for your next item.

Meeting Notes template in Google Docs

The Meeting Notes template in Google Docs is one of the features you don’t know exists unless you’re browsing through the menus. So remember this simple tool for your next meeting and get a jump start on your meeting notes!

If you decide to share meeting notes with attendees, take a look at how easy it is to share documents in Google Docs.

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