How to enter a signature in Microsoft Word

Adding your signature to a Microsoft Word document is the ultimate way to customize it, especially for documents such as letters or agreements. If you want to add a signature to a Word document, here’s how.

There are several ways to add your signature to a Word document. You can add a signature line to the post print signature, add a digital signature, or insert your handwritten signature as an image.

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How to add a signature line to Word

A signature line gives you, or someone else, a place to sign a printed document. If you are planning to print your Word document, adding a signature line is probably the easiest way for you to add a signature.

To add a signature line to your Word document, click Insert> Signature Line. This icon is usually included in the “Text” section of your Word Ribbon menu bar.

In the “Signature Setup” box that appears, fill in your signature details. You can add the signer’s name, title and email address. It could be you or someone else.

You can also give instructions to the signatory. Once you’re ready, click “OK” to enter your signature line.

Confirm your signature line options in Microsoft Word, then click OK.

Once you have verified your signature options, a signature line is inserted with a cross and a line to indicate where to sign.

A signature line was inserted into the Microsoft Word document.

You can now place it in the appropriate position in your Word document. This position can be signed after printing this document, or, if you have saved your Word document in DOCX file format, you can insert a digital signature into your document at this time.

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How to insert a digital signature into Word

To add a digital signature to your Word document, you must follow the instructions above and enter the signature line first.

You will also need to install a security certificate for your signature. If you don’t have one, Word will ask you if you want to get one from a global sign such as “Microsoft Partner”.

Alternatively, you can create your digital certificate using the “SelfCert” tool included in your Microsoft Office installation folder.

Find “Selfcert.exe” in your Office installation folder and double-click to open it.

In the SelfCert tool, type a name for your security certificate in the “Name of your certificate” box and then click “OK” to create it.

In the SelfCart tool, provide a name for your signature, then click OK.

Once you have installed the digital certificate, go back to your Word document and double click on your signature line.

In the “Sign” box that appears, type your name or click “Select Image” to insert your handwritten signature image.

Click “Sign” to insert your digital signature into the Word document.

To create a digital signature, type your name, then click Sign.

Once signed, the word will confirm that the signature has been added.

If you edit the document after you have signed it, the digital signature will be invalid, and you will need to sign it again.

The digital signature was inserted into the Microsoft Word document.

How to add photo signatures to Word

If you prefer to use your handwritten signature, you can take a picture or scan a copy and then upload it to your computer. You can then insert a picture of your signature into the Word document.

To insert an image into your document manually, click Insert> Images. Alternatively, double-click your signature line and select “Select Image” to enter your signature line.

Click Select Photos in your sign-in dialog box to enter the photo's signature in Microsoft Word.

In the “Insert Images” menu box, click “From File” and select your signature image file. From there, click “Sign” to place the photo on your signature line.

Once logged in, an image file containing your signature will be inserted above your signature line.

Signature of the image entered in Microsoft Word.

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