How to disable home screen video and audio previews on Android TV

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How to disable home screen video and audio previews on Android TV

Google TV offers a completely new home screen experience. Parts of this new interface have gained access to older Android TV devices, including video and audio home screen previews. If you don’t like them, you can disable them.

As the line between Google TV and Android TV blurs, not everyone is happy with the way the home screen interface has changed. One thing that many people seem to dislike is the previews they choose. Thankfully, it’s really easy to shut them down.

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First, use the arrow keys on your remote to select the gear icon in the upper right corner of the home screen.

Scroll down the Settings menu and select “Device Preferences.”

Scroll down and select the Settings menu "Device preferences."

Now, scroll down and select “Home Screen”.

Now scroll down and select "Home screen."

The final task is to “enable video preview” and “enable audio preview.”

Toggle both "Enable video preview" And "Enable audio preview."

What have you done! The home screen will no longer play preview with video or audio. Self-playing previews can be really annoying, so it’s a good idea that Android TV allows you to disable them completely.

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