Videos are, no doubt, one of the most powerful tools for getting a business message across. This medium has huge strength, and there is no secret ingredient to it. Companies, who are very serious about showcasing their products and services to the audiences so they can grab huge attention, always use top-quality videos for this purpose.

Regardless of your business goals, putting in good thought and effort into creating Facebook video ads will be a major leap forward for varied business objectives. These objectives include demonstrating or selling products, explaining services, and convincing people to visit your website.

Almost anything is possible only if you know the right way of making video advertisements that people want to watch. Of course, it is not just necessary to know the right way of making Facebook video advertisements but even positioning them right, so they bring in success.

Facebook video advertising is one of the most important ways of connecting with audiences. But a word of caution here is that your ads must connect with the people who have higher chances of actually wanting your products and services.

A few ideas to help you create the best of Facebook video advertisements are as follows:

1. Go for Square Videos

There are a number of things that go into making successful Facebook video ads. Ask the experts, and they will suggest going for square videos because these videos generally outperform the landscape videos.

There are several parameters where the square videos tend to be more successful and attractive than the landscape videos. These metrics include reach, views, and engagement, specifically on mobile.

Many reasons make square videos more successful in comparison to landscape videos. Over 92% of Facebook users view videos on their mobile phones. Thus, it is a great idea to experiment using square videos to find out whether they improve the performance of your content.

It will also be a good idea for you to create vertical videos because Facebook now shows larger previews of vertical visuals in the News Feed section on the users’ mobile phones.

2. Use Blurred Images in the Intro of Your Video

You might be aware of this- when the Facebook videos load on any device, they have one thing in common: a blurry screen that is just momentary. You can leverage this feature by kicking off the intro of your video with blurry images.

This is a small trick that is slightly deviating from the usual norms, but it has higher chances of standing out among the scrollers.

3. Try Catching the Attention of the People Right in the Beginning

The videos on Facebook auto-play for captivating the users’ attention and convincing them to watch more video advertisements. Therefore, the video ads you make for Facebook must have the most powerful and informative first few seconds.

When the introduction of your video advertisement is good, it successfully captivates the viewers’ attention.

The viewers stick to the advertisements right till the end. Therefore, there are higher chances of the viewers taking some form of a beneficial action like visiting a business’s website or clicking on the link provided to buy the product or the service directly.

4. Spread Your Business Message either with or Without Sound

The majority of the users viewing Facebook video advertisements have the sound setting on their devices turned off. Hence, one major part of catching the viewers’ attention right in the beginning is not including the luxury of music or voice-over in your video.

Since most of the videos on Facebook play automatically on mute, forcing the viewers to click to turn on the sound will be an afterthought. It is also important to note that Facebook users tend to scroll through their feeds in public places where it is very difficult to listen to what’s going on.

There are other environments, too, where it can get very difficult to turn on the sound of a video. These environments include school and work. So, if you really want users or viewers of all categories to go through your videos, you must try using videos without sound.

One good way of combating the sound deficiency in your video is by going for clear stories, bold visuals, and graphic texts to convey all types of important messages.

5. Use Maximum Graphics in Your Video Ad

The use of animation and graphics makes any visual interesting and entertaining too. So, there’s no use being modest with the use of graphics in your video. In fact, you might lose out on good returns on investment if you avoid the use of graphics in your Facebook video advertisement.

Use captivating graphics to inform the viewers about what you have on offer and why they must buy from you. This will surely bring you good business because bold and captivating graphics can communicate the message of any business clearly and in the most effective manner.

Eye-catching graphics are good at hooking the attention of the viewers and even ensuring that everyone gets a clear understanding of your message.

Graphical text included in your video ad will work wonders in reinforcing the use and the view of your products and services and will thus bring you good returns on investment in the long run.

6. Do Not Forget Visual Effects

Visual effects have the ability to serve as differentiators that businesses require for commanding the attention of the viewers within the first few seconds of an advertisement. Recent trends in this category include bouncing visuals, shaking images, and different types of slide transitions.

It’s A Wrap-Up!

If you want people to pay close attention to your Facebook video advertisements, create content that does not actually look like an ad but is more organic and clear. Your video ads should not be talking-head pieces, but they must offer authority in the best way possible.

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