How to create a pie chart in Microsoft Excel.

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Using pie charts allows you to specify the distribution of data in fragments. It’s easy to create 2D, 3D, or donut-style pie charts in Microsoft Excel – no design knowledge required! Here’s how to do it.

How to create a pie chart in Excel

To create a pie chart in Excel, first open your spreadsheet with the Excel app. We will use the following spreadsheet for this guide:

Pie chart data in Excel.

In your spreadsheet, select the data you want to plot on your pie chart. Do not select any number combination because you may not want to display it on your chart.

Select the data for the pie chart.

Once your data is selected, in the Excel ribbon at the top, click the “Insert” tab.

Click on "Enter" Tabs in Excel.

In the “Insert” tab, from the “Charts” section, select the “Insert pie or donut chart” option (it looks like a small pie chart).

Select. "Enter the pie or donut chart." I "Enter" Tabs in Excel.

Different pie chart options will appear.

Pie chart options in Excel.

To see what the pie chart will look like for your data, hover your cursor over the chart and a preview will appear.

Hover over the pie chart.

Once you have decided on a chart, click on it to add it to your spreadsheet.

Select a pie chart.

The chart is now available in your spreadsheet. To change the header of the chart, double click on the header and enter a new name.

Double click on the pie chart header.

You can change the position of the chart in your spreadsheet by dragging and dropping the chart. There is also an option to lock your chart position.

And that’s how you display your Excel data using the slices on the pie!

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How to customize pie chart in Excel

The design of the default pie chart looks good on its own, but you can customize it if you wish.

To do this, click on your chart to get it selected. Then, in the Excel ribbon at the top, click on the “Chart Design” tab.

Click on "Chart design" Tabs in Excel.

In the “Chart Design” tab, you’ll find various chart customization options. If you want to change the color scheme of your chart, click on the “Change color” option and select a new scheme.

Click. "Change color" I "Chart design" Tabs in Excel.

Similarly, to change the style of your chart, choose a new design from the “Chart Styles” section.

Select a pie chart style from "Chart styles" In excel

Finally, if you want to use your chart outside of Excel, save the chart as an image file by right-clicking on the chart and selecting “Save as Image”.

Right-click and select Pie Chart. "Save as image."

And that’s how you personalize your pie charts in Microsoft Excel. If you are creating a handout, you may want to save your Excel sheet as a PDF before printing.

Creating multiple pie charts in your spreadsheet? You can also group your charts with the Excel feature.

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