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How to add opacity or transparency to an image in Microsoft Word.

When adding text to a graphic in Microsoft Word, you may need to take an extra step. Adding a little blur or transparency will allow your readers to still see the image, but your text will be more readable.

Fortunately, Word offers some built-in image editing tools that can help. With one or two tweaks, you can make this image look more subtle. Whether you want to blur the image or make it more transparent, we’ve got you covered.

Add opacity to image in Word.

Adding opacity to an image in Word will soften its appearance. Select the image and open the image correction option using one of these two methods.

  • Right-click, select “Format Image” and select the image icon in the sidebar.

  • Go to the Image Format tab, click “Corrections” and select “Image Correction Options”.

On the Image Format tab, click Corrections and then Options.

If necessary, enhance the image correction in the Format Picture sidebar. Then, under Sharpening / Softening, use the Sharpness Slider or Percentage Box to reduce the sharpness.

Adjust the sharpness.

You will immediately see the adjustment in sharpness. So you can continue to move the slider or use the arrows as needed.

Blurred image before and after.

If you want to restore the image to its original form, click “Reset” at the bottom of the image correction section of the sidebar.

Rearrange the sharpness.

Add transparency to image in Word.

You may want to make your image more transparent instead of blurring it for your specific document. You can do this in the area above.

Open the Format Picture sidebar using one of the above methods and increase the transparency of the image.

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You can use a preset for a fast transparent application. Alternatively, use the slider or percentage box for minor adjustments.

To use the preset, click the preset arrow and select an option. You will see choices ranging from 95% to zero.

Transparency preset in Word.

Use slider or percentage box if you want to make precise adjustments or add a little transparency at a time. In the box, you can enter a specific percentage or use up and down arrows.

Adjust transparency.

As you add blur to an image, you’ll notice instant changes. This allows you to continue making adjustments as needed.

Transparency before and after.

To bring the image back to full transparency, move the slider to zero percent or select “Transparency: 0 ٪” in the list of presets.

Set transparency to zero.

When you are using PowerPoint instead of words, it will help to know how to blur the image or make the image transparent in PowerPoint.

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