How the show links back to the 2012 movie

Kate Bishop lines up a shot with her bow and arrow.

Why did Kate Bishop want to become an archer? Hook answers.
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In my summary of first two episodes from hook I mentioned at one point that I felt foggy. Well, he was in the first scene of the show, basically, he had the biggest spoiler to be found in both episodes. So when we talked to hook Executive Producer Trinh Tran About the showOf course we had to ask about the scene in question, And find out why.

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The opening scene of hook It takes place in New York City circa 2012. Now, 99% of us had the same idea at that moment. “Oh, if this is New York City in 2012, we are in the Battle of New York from the end Avengers. This turns out to be the case. Loki and Chitauri invade New York, the Avengers try to stop them, but the collateral damage is unimaginable. Spider-Man: Homecoming Already dealt with this and now, hook Not too. After a corner of Kate Bishop’s apartment is smashed, a Chitori warrior enters for the murder. Kate freezes like a deer in the headlights until he kills the alien arrow. An arrow from none other than the hook itself. As he swings from the building, you immediately understand why this character wants to be a hero, And why is Hawkeye her favoriteThe Avenger. Which, according to Tran, was exactly the reaction they were seeking.

“We wanted to discover a pivotal moment that made sense for Kate to enter the MCU, especially through her eyes,” Tran told io9 via video chat. “Of all the moments, the most memorable is the Battle of New York and we were trying to understand, clearly, its age and how it fits into that time frame, as well as the experience and the events and everything. And the Battle of New York was the perfect time [especially] Because [Hawkeye’s] Iconic shot when he does that. I mean, I remember it to this day when I first saw it.”

[Note: To be fair, in the show the arrow that saves Kate happens right before the jump and in the clip above you clearly see that didn’t happen. Thankfully, it’s a movie and he fired a lot of arrows so we suspend disbelief a bit.]

So they had a little Kate-hockey-connecting moment that everyone will recognize. Now, it had to be flipped. “We wanted to know how do we get Kate’s point of view on that?” Tran continued. “How do you see something like this that forever changed who you think she wants to be and start shooting training and want to learn and do what she does? So that moment made perfect sense in terms of how well it fits into Kate’s story in terms of the timeline, and also in terms of her age nowadays.” Also.As I said, the lens from her perspective and perspective that drives her to want to learn shooting is that moment that I think everyone really remembers right from the start. Avengers. “

And since Marvel has been hooking up again with one of its own movies, the process wasn’t as difficult as one might think. “The footage is actually from his first Avengers movie, so he was really going through and figuring out the moments we haven’t seen yet and how we can transfer them into Kate’s world and create it from her perspective,” Tran said. “And obviously some of it was the CG footage that we created in this particular series as well. But most importantly, all of our stories and all of our series are connected and this was our path into the MCU.”

One that fits perfectly, tapping into my nostalgia vein poignantly, it made me feel some emotion. The first two episodes of hook Now on Disney+.

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