How the clubhouse offers new social media marketing opportunities

It’s not too often that a new social media platform comes on the market, but when it does, early users can really benefit from it. Those who were among the first to create an Instagram account when it came on the market back in 2010 reaped all sorts of benefits – gaining a sought-after Instagram handle, an abundance of new followers right from the start, being discovered much more easily on the scene due to less noise and competition, the list goes on and on. And every time a new social platform emerges, it also brings new marketing opportunities.

Clubhouse, an all-in-one audio chat iPhone app, is still so new that it’s not too saturated yet. And given that people need a personal invitation to join, if you can get it, then it’s time to start an account and start building followers.

The audio-related social networking platform had over nine million monthly downloads in February 2021, up from two million the previous month.

Let’s look at how people use Clubhouse to amplify their message, market themselves and gain support.

It’s all about collaboration and networking

Social media is often used as a bullshit to convey notifications and share milestones, but if we go back to the initial use of these networks – to connect and work together – we can get a lot more out of them. The clubhouse houses a wide range of clubs and virtual rooms with conversations on almost any topic you are interested in – making it easy to find your niche and join the conversation.

“Stay in touch with the managers and founders of clubs that you like and that are in line with your mission or can support your mission and business. Over time, they will bring you to the stage in their rooms, “says Brooke Markevicius, founder of Allobee, a company that provides business solutions for micro, small and start-up companies. She emphasizes the importance of using these forums to connect to the Internet. “Be strategic about the room you attend and come on stage or send people messages that give you value.

Offer your support and expertise

“Treat the clubhouse as you would with a podcast by hosting interesting conversations, office hours, interviews and discussions related to your target audience. It’s an easy, cost-effective way to empower your existing people while building trust with new audiences, “says Erin Halper, CEO of The Upside, a community and high-speed consulting firm.

With Clubhouse, the key is to give before you take. Offer your expertise, help people connect by sharing your network, or contribute to people’s issues – it’s all about giving what you can.

Markevicius recommends offering programming in larger clubs so you can stand in front of a new audience. “Be a regular at bigger clubs and raise your hand to get on stage. Share expertise or support others. Then, after a few times, contact the owner of the club with a direct message and be specific about what you can offer, “she adds. “I did this especially at Dave Kerpen and Randi Zuckerberg’s club, The Likeable Business and got my own show at their club called The Likeable MomTrepreneur.

Create a community

“Host clubhouse discussions with your customers and companies who have the same mindset to create a community. Our clients are event organizers and community leaders, so I have held regular clubhouse events for our hosts to meet each other, exchange advice and resources and share their knowledge, “said Miraya Berke, Mixily’s Head of Community and Marketing, an event management platform for communities. “I direct and invite speakers. Each of our users introduces the chat to their community on social media and it has been a way for us to spread the word at the same time and facilitate deep conversations within our community. “

It may sound simple, but engaging in conversation and being vocal is the name of the game. Do not just listen, plan ahead and write down practical tips that you can share for the benefit of others, systematically choose which room you want to join and connect people personally through direct messaging to get the most out of the app.


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