How Francis Hagen’s testimony makes this Facebook hearing different.

One of the highlights of the hearing so far is how Frances Hagen, a former Facebook whistleblower, is using her inner knowledge of the social network to provide new insights that some of the first Outsiders must have heard.

Ms Hagen, citing internal documents she provided to lawmakers, emphasized how issues with social networks are related to Facebook’s algorithms and the company’s decisions that people view on the platform. Ms Hagen said lawmakers need to ask Facebook for more transparency in its algorithms and internal metrics if they want to understand and control it.

“We cannot tolerate anything less than complete transparency,” he said. “As long as Facebook is working in the shadows and hiding its research from public scrutiny, it’s incalculable.”

It also provides insights into Facebook’s internal issues. He said the ongoing scandals had left the Silicon Valley company unfounded as many people had quit their jobs and it was struggling to find enough new employees.

Ultimately, Facebook’s proprietary structure was also an issue. Mark Zuckerberg, chief executive, controls the company disproportionately because he owns more than 55% of the voting shares.

“Right now there is no one to blame for Zuckerberg,” Ms Hagen said. “The deer stops with Mark.”

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