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How Estonia Has Sufficiently Embraced Technology

How Estonia Has Sufficiently Embraced Technology

How Estonia Has Sufficiently Embraced Technology? There’re a lot of countries out there that have embraced technology and cemented themselves as some of the most tech-savvy nations in the world. Some of these are predictable, such as the US and China; however, it is surprising to many how much of an impression the small country of Estonia has managed to make on the global stage by fully embracing technology.

What Are the Benefits of Embracing Technology?

There’s a huge range of different benefits that come with countries being more open to embracing technology. This means in both the personal lives of said countries citizens and also in the professional lives of the businesses that operate there. There’s no getting around the fact that businesses now depend on technology in order to thrive, hence the frequent appointment of organizations such as Ubisec Systems for assistance with such matters. As such, when a country fully embraces technology, it is taking steps toward bettering the lives of its businesses and its people.

So, with that in mind, how did Estonia do it?


One of the key factors that have played into Estonia’s development is e-residency. This is an initiative that has never been done before and basically means that people were able to start businesses in the country, without actually living there. This means that if there are companies out there outside of the European Union that want to do business in the EU, they are able to use Estonia as a kind of the jumping-off point. Tens of thousands of people have applied for e-residency within the country and as such, there’s no doubt that this has contributed to the nation’s overall growth.

Digital Nomad Visa

Thanks to the success that came with the launch of e-residency, Estonia has decided to try and capitalize on that by launching a visa that is specifically created for digital nomads (employees who are working from around the world). This kind of agreement clearly shows an interest in working with some of the best and brightest minds out, thereby making it easier than ever for companies to hire whoever is most suited for the job.

Are These Measures Working?

Sure, there is no doubt that the above certainly shows a willingness on Estonia’s part to engage more with technology, but is it actually working? In short: yes. The government of Estonia is proud to boast that thanks to its incentives, it is the home to more tech unicorns than any other small country in the entire world. They truly are a success story that a lot of countries are now pining towards as the likes of blockchain and bitcoin grow more in popularity and become more mainstream, people hope to capitalize on this and be the next Estonian success story.


There are a lot of countries around the world that are trying to encourage the use and development of tech; however, one of the surprising names that paved the way is Estonia. Thanks to the country’s innovative initiatives such as e-residency and introducing a nomad visa, they now have a large number of tech unicorns.

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