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(CBS Baltimore) – The Suppliers It consists of many steps that bring a product to the customer. But for now, the chain appears to be broken, or at least hooked in some places. Store shelves are partially empty, delivery is late, prices are rising. Bottlenecks at many steps along the way keep products out of consumers’ hands. When the supply chain will return to normal is anyone’s guess. The economy is paying the price.

The supply chain of any given company can start with the suppliers of raw materials and other inputs. Once a product is manufactured, it travels through the network from factory to warehouse to store, and eventually to the end customer. Many agents, brokers, sellers, carriers and distribution centers can play major roles along the way in ensuring that a product is manufactured and reaches its final destination.

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Thanks to a variety of problems, exacerbated by the global COVID pandemic, the supply chain is not working as it should. Cargo ships carry nearly half a million shipping containers Full of goods from various countries in Asia waiting to be unloaded at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. Once unpacked, a Truck drivers shortage It prevents those containers from exiting ports in time. railway stations, as trucks deliver goods for the next stage of the journey, are backed by containers awaiting further carriage, which in turn prevent inbound trains. If these goods somehow reach a warehouse, then the lack of workers limits their timely processing.

These are just some of the issues.

The global shortage of microchips, which was exacerbated by Texas winter storms That affected domestic production, caused a slowdown in the production of cars and various electronic devices. China, where many consumer goods destined for America are produced, suffers from Ongoing energy crisis This limits manufacturing. Manufacturers in many other countries with low vaccination rates have suffered from shutdowns and worker shortages caused by the spread of the delta variable.

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All this happened at a time when the shift in spending, brought about by the Corona virus, has dramatically increased demand for a variety of products. The situation is volatile and is likely to continue this way through the holiday season and into the new year.

CBS Local has the latest supply chain news from its markets across the country. We update this list frequently, so check back frequently for the latest news on the situation.

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