How do these aristocrats keep their heads above water

It is very difficult for the common people among us to know what is popular. Interior designer Nikki Haslam made a menu and printed it on a tea towel. Entries include vodka tonic, polo, cufflinks, James Bond and sickness. He sells it for £18 via his website, or £24 for a signed copy. Is selling autographed tea towels a bit unpopular? See how confusing this is.

Anyway, letting a fly-on-the-wall crew follow you couldn’t be popular, even if for ITV, because some real aristocrats do. The Mountbattens, Fitzalan-Howards, Sitwells and Princess Olga Romanov are stars Keeping up with the aristocratsThe Jolly Series offers a window into the lives of the upper classes.

The series is fun and warm-hearted, fruitfully narrated Simon Callo. All the participants entered it enthusiastically. We can note the splendor of the homes but the general theme is that they are very expensive to maintain, while the owners are asset rich but cash poor. The show is an invitation to sympathy.

So we follow Fitzalan-Howards as they whip up wine at a farmers market, and Princess Olga (nephew of Czar Nicholas II) as she makes the rounds at her somewhat dilapidated home. In fact, this show answered the tea towel question, because they also sell it. It has its own personal motto: “B8gger, $h!t, F*ck”.

I think the princess will be the star of this show. A job as an etiquette expert at This Morning’s Morning’s right away I’m famous Definitely tempted.

“I am not your ordinary princess. At home you will find me shoveling …, unfortunately, I do not sit eating caviar,” she said. She inspected the ceiling beam in horror: “I just saw a huge hole!” Princess Olga is also looking for a man, so if you fit the law – a trained assassin and Steve McQueen lookalike, preferably good with horses – apply.

The homes may be Downton-esque, but the Sitwells servant wears shorts and Lord Ivar cleans his windows. Most of them seem very modest, which may be the result of the marriage of the common folk of this world: Emma Fitzalan Howard is the daughter of a general practitioner, and Lord Ivar’s husband, James Coyle, is a cabin crew manager. Lord Ivar and James are the model for the modern blended family, playing host to Ivar’s ex-wife and three children. All in all, a little PR for luxury.


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