How did football react to a penalty kick in the European Championship?

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How did football react to a penalty kick in the European Championship?

Gary Neville called on the country to rally around Bukayo Saka after the youngster missed the crucial penalty in the England’s penalty shootout defeat against Italy.

“It’s heartbreaking for the boy,” said Neville. ITV. “The whole nation is going to need to cuddle him. Everyone has loved this boy for the past few weeks and everyone will love him for the next few weeks. He has been so amazing.

“Gone are the days when we criticize players for missing a penalty. Fifteen or twenty years ago there might have been a scapegoat. This time it won’t happen.

“We are becoming more and more mature. They are human beings and should be taken care of. They cannot be assaulted or abused.”

Ian Wright, who has a close relationship with Saka, He praised the Arsenal winger For being “brave enough” to take the crucial penalty, while Roy Keane said the 19-year-old would be better for the grueling experience.

“He’s a kid and I guarantee it’ll be better for him,” Kane said. “It’s all part of growing up, I’m afraid.

“No team deserves to lose. It’s not a night where you criticize any England player or Gareth Southgate or the staff. Both keepers have made some great saves. You have to lose to win. These players will be better at it, it’s a tough night but you have to take your medicine and move on. feet”.

Kane said more top players like Raheem Sterling and Jack Grealish should have come forward to take penalties before Saka.

“If you’re Sterling or Grealish you can’t sit there and you’ll have a little kid ahead of you,” he added. “You can’t just sit there. It must be hard to stand it. You have to stand in front of the little boy and say ‘I will go up in front of you.'”

How did England react?

Gareth Southgate has taken full responsibility for England’s penalty shootout defeat, saying he decided to rank the applicants after preparing the team “as best they could” ahead of the final.

Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho missed a penalty before Saka’s effort, a crucial fifth for England, was saved.

“It’s my responsibility,” Southgate said. “I chose the guys to take the kicks. I told the players that no one is alone in this situation. We win and lose together as a team. They have been tight the whole time and that is what has to stay.

“It is my decision to give [Saka] that punishment. This is entirely my responsibility. It’s not him or Marcus or Jadon. We worked through them in training. This is the order we came in.


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