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How Atlas Trading helps new traders navigate the complex world of trading like Per Zack Morris

Every day, people all over the world read, watch or listen to the news to stay updated on everything from their favorite celebrities to their favorite political candidate. However, in an age where the Internet is frequently used as the primary source of information, people are more likely than ever to come across and share fake news, fake information, and fake statistics.

A recent study conducted on behalf of the Center for Innovation in International Governance (CIGI) between December 21, 2018 and February 10, 2019, revealed that 86% of Internet users were scammed with fake information.

Zach Morris, co-founder of Atlas Trading, says these numbers are very worrying, as he believes that independent traders who trade online also use the internet to find information and knowledge that will help them hone their trading skills.

Morris is a very successful trader and self-made millionaire, but he was in the same place as the millions of new traders today were a few years ago. “Times haven’t changed much since I started trading four years ago,” he says. “Besides reading business news, financial articles, and stock market books, I have relied heavily on online tutorials to learn how not to lose money trading.”

Morris believes that new traders often consider what they find online to be honest and reliable, and because of this, their trading careers often end before they even make their first trade. Moreover, due to the reports of research and optimization firm Market Cube, especially over the past few years, more and more people have flocked to day trading with the goal of becoming financially independent in a short period of time. With this in mind especially, Zack Morris points out that the importance of a reliable source of trading information has never been greater.

“One of the most common mistakes novice traders make is chasing after important advice and placing bets they don’t understand,” he says. Even worse, they sometimes hire a ‘trading expert’, who then makes irrational buying and selling decisions on their behalf, which is a recipe for disaster.”

With this in mind, join PJ Matlock and create Atlas Trading – an online chat room where traders from all over the world can share their strategies and experiences.

“Atlas Trading was created with one goal – to provide free access to valuable trading information and educational content,” Morris explains. “It is a community where anyone can share their experience and seek guidance, as well as a place where any trader learns how to achieve success.”

However, it does indicate that success does not come overnight but this trading is a great opportunity for those who are looking to earn their financial freedom and that Atlas Trading can assist them in their endeavours.

“I think trading shouldn’t be limited to a handful of individuals,” he says. “That is why I am willing to help anyone interested in trading learn how to become a successful trader and help them achieve their dreams of wealth and financial independence.”