How 2020 has changed the way brands participate in social media forever

2020 has challenged – and changed – how brands and marketers use social media. Some have flown fast into the digital environment, while others have followed users as they engage and changed the way they use social media.

Hootsuite’s Report on social development, now in its fifth year, has revealed the changes that Australian marketers will have to make as the world goes digital after years of defining social media. The forum has found brands that excel in the social arena by 2020, their viewers understood and used social media to promote meaning in a wider conversation, with the goal of building a better company and a better world. And with 4.1 billion people now using social media worldwide, it also predicts that this landscape will only expand by 2021.

Statistics from the use of social media during COVID showed an increase in participation in all demographics. In particular, the number of followers of social media and “brand makers” has increased, according to Audience Precision data. COVID has also given many people the opportunity to use different social media for the first time and also to use social media for a lasting result.

“When we look at key online brand managers, more than 1.1 million Australians [up from 596,000 people during the same time last year] want a brand to “buy buttons” on their favorite social media system, “said John La Rosa, CEO of Business Development Audience Precision.

“Our relationship with social media has improved, especially as a news site. So it will be interesting to see if our trust in social media will improve, especially when we consume more of it and know what to look for, such as awareness of fake news and influencers. “


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