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Donna Brazil calls out the alleged rivalry between the vice president Kamala Harris and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg of “Gossip” and “Bachelor Manufacturing”.

“With an emphasis on the letters B and S,” added Brazel, a former Democratic Party chair and a current confidant of Harris.

Unfortunately, Washington is a city that thrives on assumptions, intrigue, and – yes – gossip. So, no matter how many times people like Brazile tried to hit her, the speculation continued.

Here’s the theory: a pair of bold names in Biden administration They are vying to be next in the party’s nomination, either in 2024 if President Biden, the oldest president in US history at 79, steps down, or in 2028 if he runs again.

On Thursday, the two protagonists in the latest Beltway drama will hit the road together. Anyone hoping for an exciting rhetorical showdown in Charlotte, North Carolina, will have to content themselves with sermons about potholes and rural broadband access. Today’s topic is infrastructure.

But rest assured, TV analysts will provide reliable body language information as they tour the Charlotte area, the Transit System bus and light rail garage. Some might note who speaks more fervently about the country’s crumbling bridges or who fails to capture the thrill of the bus rapid transit corridors.

“I’m sure it will be dissected a lot,” said Elaine Kamark, a former assistant to Vice President Al Gore who researches the presidential nomination process at the Brookings Institution. “Whether it means anything is anyone’s guess.”


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