Hospital adds $20,000 to a scan to let a patient know if they have feet

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CHICAGO — In an effort to expand the facility’s diagnostic screening capabilities, Mount Sinai Medical Center announced Thursday that it has begun offering a $20,000 screening that hospital officials have described as a “vital tool” to help doctors detect if a patient has feet. “With the addition of our new lower limb imaging service, we hope to provide our clinicians with important insights into the human foot, specifically its presence or absence in a given person’s anatomy,” said Karen Teitelbaum, CEO of Sinai Health System, noting that in the future, technology may be Used to perform a $20,000 screening able to determine not only whether an individual has feet, but also how big they are. “After waiting a few days for the test to return, the provider will discuss its results with the patient and develop a treatment plan based on whether or not he has this physiological advantage, which studies have shown to be essential for standard short-term mobility. An additional test may then be ordered at a similar price to determine The total number of feet a patient has.” Teitelbaum added that while the $20,000 survey is not yet covered by insurers, it will be done automatically on all incoming patients who don’t order, fill out and submit a form requesting a withdrawal from the


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