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Homophobia banned by APEC Big Fortnight Map Creator

Many lucky people celebrate the LGTBQ + community with rainbow-colored clothing.

Image: Epic game

good fortuneLatest event, Rainbow RoyalThe LGBTQ + community is supposed to be celebrated. But elsewhere, developer Epic Games chose not to suspend a popular creator for more than a few hours after discovering the history of homophobia. Although this influence has been restored, the situation indicates that some differ between the views that large corporations perceive as maintaining their views and their actual actions.

Rainbow Royale offers a bunch of free, rainbow themed items, both combat royal and creative. Many tracks from LBGTQ + musicians on sports radio, including Lil Nas X and Big Fredia.

Well known good fortune Players involved in this situation (who Kotaku Not to be named because of their young age) The game is known for creating one of the most popular user maps. He first landed in the warm water, followed by a message on Twitter lamenting the Rainbow Royal program. Apparently referring to the LGBTQ + theme of the incident, “When I’m not a fanatic, but it’s against nature,” he doubled over.

The commenter did not respond to a request for comment.

Fortnight's Rainbow Royal Event items, including a rainbow gun and graffiti.

Image: Epic game

Ben Walker, Lead Writer of YouTube Channel Top 5 Gaming, Pointed out good fortune The creator also liked a photo posted in response to another Twitter user’s event that read, “Fuck fagots, all my people hate LGBT.”

Although Epic did not make a public statement on the situation, the Twitter chatter pointed out that the Creator’s Map – a well-known battlefield, was highlighted by APEC just last month. This cosmic summer eventAs a result, they became disabled. The creator was also his Support-A-Creator Membership suspended, meaning that when fans use an individual reference code in an item shop they cannot earn a percentage of the given sale

He made two apologies to the creator, one containing a tweet and the other a bit of meteor mei kilpa uploaded to the tweet Longer. Twitter Lingerie seems to be the answer to the criticism of the first, which we’ve covered in full below.

“I am sorry for all that I have said about the Rainbow Royal program and the LGBT community. I was not trying to hurt anyone but I would like to express my opinion on this incident. “I think it’s detrimental to the community and I’m deeply saddened by the pain I’ve caused. The reason behind it is that it’s against my religion and that’s how I grew up.” I will try my best in the future and continue to struggle as a creator. I have a lot to learn and correct. I hope you guys give me a second chance as everyone should. “

An hour later, the creator claimed that Epic had restored both his map and Support-A-Creator. Kotaku Has confirmed.), Shouting loudly on behalf of those who considered his apology unsatisfactory and the punishment still flawed.

“It’s just disappointing that a company left a significant and strong affiliation during its LGBTQ celebration event. good fortune The creator – who tweeted anti-gay rhetoric and liked Silver-filled tweets – slapped his wrist for a few hours, “said Ben Walker. Has written “Just disappointed.”

Another highlight, Tiny, “just got frustrated with the epic game.” good fortune Creator, involved in. Watching the Rainbow Royal program live has touched my heart. But now I’m laughing. Do better. “

“[I]The epic seems to care a lot about the dramas that get on their map, that by doing the right thing, ” Has written Echo, the third creator. “Disappointing things.”

A correspondent for the epic declined to comment.

Explanation 5:14 p.m. The caption has been changed to better reflect the theme of the story.


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