Hollywood Goes Gaga to the Blacklist, once again, ignores Blacklist 2.0

Aaron Sorkin could tell a lot of stories associated with “I Love Lucy”.

The beloved sitcom dominated American culture in the 1950s. The huge ratings for the sitcom – episode “Lucy goes to the hospital ‘Attracted 44 million viewers At a time when many homes did not have televisions – this is beyond the wildest dreams of a modern television director.

However, Sorkin focused “Being the Ricardos” around an intriguing part of the show’s legacy. The film, which debuted in theaters December 10, followed by its December 21 release on Amazon Prime, details how the show’s makers faced accusations that star Lucille Ball was a communist.

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Yes, once again Hollywood is laying down a story about the era of the blacklist. And it’s easy to see why the industry is so obsessed with the topic.

Senator Joe McCarthy’s war to root out communist sympathizers has hit Hollywood… hard. Renowned screenwriter Dalton Trumbo saw his career upended as a result of a witch hunt, a story told not once but twice by Hollywood filmmakers. And he was not alone.

It’s just a small way the McCarthy era affected Hollywood. And since wrapping up this chapter in history, we’ve seen several films directly related to him, other than the Duel Trampo projects.

  • guilty of suspicion
  • the introduction
  • majestic
  • As we were before
  • Good evening and good luck
  • Chaplin
  • Yoo Hoo, Mrs. Goldberg
  • Waldo Salt: A Screenwriter’s Journey
  • Hollywood on trial

This list is not complete, however. “Being the Ricardos” is the latest blacklist-obsessed movie, and it has some serious business next year.

Michael Shannon will play the title character In “McCarthy,” the 2022 biopic of the hard-line US senator behind the Blacklist era.

Hollywood has devoted a lot of time and creative energy to retelling the blacklist era and its greater meaning. Again, this is understandable given how artists are able to believe whatever political philosophy they believe in without fear of reprisal.

However, it stands in stark contrast to the new, unofficial blacklist that permeates Hollywood today. The updated model lacks governmental power, no doubt, and no one is threatened with imprisonment for their views. Trumbo spent nearly a year in prison.

The intention is still clear. Conservative artists are punished for their intellectual crimes.

Yes, some artists are able to survive, and even thrive, despite their right-leaning views. Jon Voight springs to mind from “Ray Donovan” fame, as does Kelsey Grammar, Tim Allen And Nick Cersei.

They are exceptions, and they are often not as overtly political as their progressive peers. They’re also older stars who have some sort of resume and reputation to protect them from naysayers.

Many artists remain silent about their republican views for fear of losing work. Antonio Sabato Jr. has said a lot, one of the reasons he works in his own film studio to support independent artists. This reporter has spoken with several artists over the years who have maintained their conservative views for fear of professional reprisals.

Cersei explored how Hollywood embraced the new blacklist in a recent issue of “Red Pilled America.”

Blacklist 2.0 is the reason Disney fired ‘The Mandalorian’ actress Gina Carano But it does keep far-left co-star Pedro Pascal on her payroll.

The upcoming McCarthy movie will likely address the modern age, cunningly telling audiences that the new Hollywood version is as vile as the old.

or not.

It seems that the director of the film, Vaclav, is terrified More interested in attacking President Donald Trump across his film instead of tackling the new blacklist.

…this story is totally universal and totally timeless. It is about these kinds of people, those who, because of their egos, can stoke fear, can divide society and can undermine democracy. These people are very dangerous. And I realized that when I watched the news in January and saw Donald Trump and his call for the Capitol attack. But it’s not just about Trump. Over the past decade in Europe and all over the world, there has been a lot of Joe McCarthys. For example in Brazil, it’s Bolsonaro, and in England, it’s Johnson. It’s about populism.

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