Holly Willoughby shocks viewers this morning with her x-rated confessions

Holly Willoughby shocked this morning’s viewers and co-host Philip Schofield as she made a cheeky confession about nipple tassels.

The 40 years The presenter admitted that she knows exactly how to make saucy items spin – and revealed her own style.

Looks like Holly Willoughby knows a thing or two about nipple tassels


Looks like Holly Willoughby knows a thing or two about nipple tasselsCredit: ITV
Vanessa was discussing her style when Holly jumped up


Vanessa was discussing her style when Holly jumped upCredit: ITV

Presenters were talking about nipple tassels after Vanessa Feltz revealed that her dad was the first person to bring sexy tassels to the UK.

The trick with nipple tassels, Vanessa said, is to get them to rotate in different directions.

Holly steps in quickly to show you exactly how to move your feet to make it spin – leaving Philip and Vanessa dumbfounded.

“You have to move your feet up and down,” she said.

When Phillip wondered how she knew she started laughing, she said, “A friend once told me!”

Those watching the house were quick to comment on the moment, with one writing: “Holi Willoughby is clearly hand wet with old nipple tassels, imagine that.”

The second added, “Anyone else start listening when Holly was talking about it?”

Philip continued to mock Holly’s skills throughout the show and pretended to spin his own tassels during a Spin To Win game.

Holly – who is married to Dan Baldwin – has recently opened up about learning to appreciate her body as she gets older.

Speaking on her boyfriend Fern Cotton’s podcast happy placeShe said, “I did this [self-criticism], a lot of this, and especially as you get older when you’re in your forties, things change really fast.

“We’re heading into this kind of menopausal time, the skin is changing, the hair is changing, and the body is changing — even after you have a baby your body completely changes shape.

“I think it’s really important in that moment instead of looking down and going, ‘Oh my God, look everything changes, I’m getting older, I’m getting more wrinkled. my knees.’

“Instead of looking down, you have to kind of look at it and go, ‘Oh my God, my body was able to hold a baby and I breastfed three babies and they were fine.'”

…you have to go, ‘Yes, my face is starting to sag and my eyes are bloodshot and the rest,’ but ‘I’m healthy and I’m fine and getting old is a privilege because not everyone else should be here.’

I left holly


Holly left Phil and viewers in shockCredit: Instagram
Morning’s Holly Willoughby’s Vanessa Feltz lets howl as she reveals sex secrets in her office

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