Here’s how to score your free Xbox Series X Points with Church’s 5-Piece Tender Combo Offer

Microsoft’s latest console may be sold out at most major retailers, but there’s still one place you can score one of these hot ticket items before the holiday season. Here’s the scoop on how to score your free Xbox Series X Points by redeeming the Church’s Chicken promotional coupon for fiveChicken tender combo pieces.

It might take a little work and patience on your part, but we think getting a free next-gen console for just over ten bucks is a pretty good deal.

The first step is to head to Church website And print your Xbox Series X redemption voucher. Make sure you do this ahead of time: they won’t accept a discount code if you bring it to your phone and you’ll get your Xbox free.

After that, simply head over to the nearest chicken location in the church and order fiveA piece of Chicken Tender Combo, and show them the coupon. They might try to get you to increase your group size for an extra 50, but just politely tell them you’re not interested and you’re there for the free Xbox Series X, and they’ll eventually back out.

It’s clearly a trade off. You will have to pay more than $10.66 of your hard-earned money. In addition, there is a chance that your site may not have the Halo Infinite Limited Edition Xbox among the hundreds of consoles behind the record. But that’s all part of the thrill of the chase. And trust us, you’ll be glad you put in the effort once you get home with one free Xbox Series X – or more, if you get multiple bidding sets!

Faster, though, gamers: Chicken Church management says they only have 50 to 60 million Xbox Series Xs. After that, they’ll unfortunately have to start distributing consoles from their Xbox Series S inventory.


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