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Here are all the League of Legends champions that have appeared so far in Arcane

The first three episodes of ‘Arcane’ have finally come to an end, giving the most in-depth look at any League of Legends champions League of Legends fans have seen so far. But which of the game’s heroes has appeared so far?

Read on to find out – but beware of spoilers.


Jinx splash art. | Provided by Riot Games

The emergence of the League of Legends champion came as no surprise to anyone since she was announced as the main character prior to the series’ release. She is also on cover, cover For most series ads. Young Jenks opens the series and sings in the background.

She covers her eyes while holding her sister’s hand in an attempt to avoid the carnage around her. Both characters are surrounded by a pile of destruction, with flames and corpses almost as far as the eye can see. But amid the chaotic backdrop, Jinx and her sister meet a man who carries them away from the scene. Jinx has appeared in all three episodes released and is already known as “Powder” in her early years.


Vi is also another league champion that fans have already been expecting to see. Jenks’ sister also appeared in the opening scene and remains a strong presence throughout the three episodes. The second main character is portrayed as a loving but tough big sister who has made her way through life.

Sixth, like most other Zoonies, is ready to fight to end the persecution they face from the Enforcers and the Beltopher people. She goes on a raid in Beltoffer with Clagor and Milo to save their adoptive father, Vander. But after the appearance of powder, it does not end well.

sound echo

Echo Splash Art. | Provided by Riot Games

The cute and smart young Ekko enters the Arcane movie about 29 minutes after the first episode. He appears at a local dealer’s shop known as Benzo, who tells Ekko to leave the equipment he’s trying to repair and put aside for a while so he can talk to Vander. In the series, Ekko is good friends with Vi and her crew who is also the “little guy”.


Singed appears at the end of the first episode and is shown to be working with the villain Silco, although he may slip under the radar as a side character.

The crazy chemist shows his dedication to pushing the boundaries of science at any cost. In League of Legends lore, Singed focused on the chemical potential of alchemy, but his efforts were mocked by his teammates. After his funding dried up, he was forced to leave Beltofer University and move to Zohn where his work went uncontested.

At the end of the first episode, Singed injects a rat with a glowing substance to turn it into a monster. As the series progresses, we see more of this mysterious chemical being injected into humans, making it into killing machines.


Reese’s Splash Art. | Provided by Riot Games

Unlike most League of Legends champions who appeared in the first three episodes, Ryze comes into “Arcane” during Jayce’s main flashback. He appears to be saving Jayce and his mother while they are freezing to death in the frozen lands of Frejlord. After the scientist faked them to safety, Jayce was left with the crystal used to save them.


The League of Legends champion of Arcane was revealed at the start of Episode Two along with another familiar face. The beginning of this episode shows that Vi and Jinx break into Jayce’s apartment during the first episode, leaving Jayce in a mess after everything explodes as he opens the door.

After being investigated, Jayce is arrested and has to face the board for an unauthorized search. He lost his place at Beltover Academy but is still convinced that he has found a way to harness magic through science.


The Art of Splash Caitlin. | Provided by Riot Games

Caitlyn is the League Champion who is revealed with Jayce at the start of Episode Two. She comes from a wealthy Beltover family, and her parents also double as patrons for Jayce. Her mother is on the council, who was responsible for deciding Jayce’s fate. She hasn’t been able to do much yet, but her time will come in future episodes of “Arcane”.


Just like Jayce and Caitlyn, Viktor also appeared in “Arcane” during the second episode. The masked wizard hero, usually in academy uniform, is seen holding a wand while reviewing Jayce’s unfinished research. In “Arkans”, Victor is the assistant dean of the academy and orders Jace’s arrest after his illegal experiments. He also pulls 180 degrees on his relationship with Jayce after he discovers the targets of the illegal experiment.


Heimerdinger splash art. | Provided by Riot Games

Heimerdinger is the latest League of Legends champion revealed in the first three episodes of “Arcane”. The hero is the Dean of Beltoffer Academy and is also a member of the Council. He enters Jace’s prison cell to tell him what he will say at the council session that will help him avoid a major banishment from the city. Heimerdinger’s portrayal in Arcane is in keeping with the university tradition that ranks him as a professor and one of Beltofer’s most brilliant minds. Heimer also reveals that he is 307 years old.

With six more episodes left, More League of Legend Champions can appear in this series. The next three episodes of “Arcane” will be streamed on Netflix on November 13.

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