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Miami (CBS Miami) – Inside the ring, it looked like Mike Tyson “Iron” was wearing steel gloves. He became the youngest heavyweight champion ever with 44 out of 58 fights that ended by knockout. He once infamously said, “It is natural for me to come to you and take your heart, spleen, blood, and liver.” But, now 55, Mike Tyson seems to have every heart. The fighter is now on a mission to provide peace of mind — through the uplifting psychedelic compound psilocybin — to anyone willing to listen.

“My mind was stunned by psychedelics and I just wanted the world to know what I lived through,” Tyson told the audience standing just in Wonderland Miami, dubbed “the biggest psychedelic event, ever.”

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It was attended by scientists and medical professionals from all over the world. Tyson says he started using psilocybin about five years ago, and he told CBS Miami with pure joy that it changed his life for the better forever. “This is dope, baby! This is the frog, baby. These are some mushrooms, baby,” said Tyson. “I have taken some medication. The right medicine. It helps me reach my highest potential.”

Tyson admitted that the toughest opponent he’d ever faced, inside or outside the ring, was himself. The hero admitted that he still battled low self-esteem, even saying that he might not have been able to do this interview without the help of the drug.

Maybe you need a line or something. I’ll need the line “to finish this interview,” he said.

Tyson admits he used hard drugs like cocaine and was down a dark path, like one of his new business partners. Oddly enough, another fighter from a different sport.

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“I was definitely the enforcer. I fought 164 times to protect my teammates,” explained Daniel Carcello, nicknamed “car bomb” for his explosive fighting style. The two-time Stanley Cup winner retired six years ago at the age of 30, and left thin ice skating, both physically and mentally, afflicted with a list of ailments, including “photosensitivity, slurred speech, headaches, head pressure, insomnia, and impulse control problems.” Carsillo cited depression, anxiety and suicidal ideation.

Scientists and medical professionals say the drug resets the brain, relieving and even treating mental health ailments ranging from traumatic brain injuries to depression and anxiety.

Dr. Joseph Tucker, CEO of Enveric Biosciences, explains, “These are ways to reshape the brain and give the brain new ways, new ways of thinking, or new opportunities. So, this is how you can start to rewire the brain, and that’s what the latest science is showing.”

Carcilo said he felt his brain became completely new after a co-worker introduced him to psilocybin, known as magic mushrooms, two and a half years ago. “There is no FDA approved drug for TBI, and as soon as I took psilocybin, I got a clear brain scan, clear blood work. Then, I was able to patent this innovation that I own and create Wesana Health.”

Wesana Health is an integrated life sciences company “on a mission to revolutionize the treatment of neurological health…” Carcelo brought in Mike Tyson to work as an advisor and investor. Now, they both do what they do best: fight the stigma associated with psychedelics and psilocybin.

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“I was afraid of dope too, and they made me the man I am,” Tyson concluded.


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