‘Hell definitely wants us to treat it differently’

  • Elizabeth Holmes, the founder of Theranos, took a stand again this week in her federal fraud case.
  • Holmes testified that he was abused by his former and former COO, Ramesh “Sunni” Balwani.
  • She explained that she had tried to kill an exposed man, and said that she wished she had heard a whistle.

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Holmes says Balwani abused her.

Holmes testified Monday that he was physically and emotionally abused by Ramesh “Sunni” Balwani, his ex-boyfriend and former president and COO of Theranos. The two met during a visit to China when Holmes was 18 and Balwani was 37. Holmes said that after being abused as a student at Stanford University, he decided to leave to make a Theranos. She told Balwani that she had been abused, and “she said I was safe now that I met her,” Holmes testified.

The founder of Theranos said that Balwani also raped her. According to the New York Times, Holmes said, “He forced me to have sex with him when I didn’t want to because he said he wanted me to know he still loved me.”

The judges saw notes written on Holmes’ phone after the alleged attack.

“I don’t really enjoy anything about it or who I am if I did it. It hurts a lot. So much. Can’t pay attention to anything except why? Why bother yourself?” Am I alone? Can’t even move to sit alone. Or actually sit up. Lying down is swollen.

“He told me that I did not know what I was doing in the business, that my beliefs were wrong, that he was surprised at my moderation, that if I followed my instincts I would fail and I need to kill this guy. According to CNBC, Holmes said he wanted to be a new Elizabeth who could be a successful businessman.

Holmes said Balwani was behind his behavior and a series of guidelines outlining “success in business.” More texts between Holmes and Balwani have also surfaced as evidence recently submitted. They show some tension between the two.

Balwani’s lawyers have previously denied allegations of Holmes’ abuse.

Holmes said Balwani did not control his statements to investors, board members, business partners and journalists, despite allegations of abuse against him.

Holmes tried to stop the bombing.

Holmes said he was “deeply concerned” about the Wall Street Journal’s Theranos investigation and the possibility that it would reveal trade secrets. He emailed the journal’s owner, Rupert Murdoch, who had also invested $ 125 million in Theranos in hopes of ending the story.

Holmes called the handling of his story “a disaster” and added, “We messed it up completely.”

Holmes: The others were in charge.

Holmes testified that Balwani managed the laboratory’s operations, and that lab directors and other leaders made calls when it came to medical and scientific decisions. Under pressure from prosecutors, Holmes acknowledged that he had the authority to dismiss anyone as CEO. When asked if the deer stopped with him, he testified, “I felt it,” according to The Verge.

Handling of Theranus whistle blowers

A 2014 e-mail in which the whistleblower was raised by Tyler Schultz with Holmes’ response in court: “Tyler, these are very, very serious comments and allegations you are making. I’m going to cross this line so it will take some time before I can get back to you. “

Holmes said he conveyed Schultz’s message to Daniel Young, then a senior scientist at Theranos, and felt confident that he had allayed his concerns. According to NBC News, he also expressed regret over Thiranos’ treatment of another whistleblower, Erica Cheung, and acknowledged that Cheung was right.

“I wish we could treat him differently and listen to him,” Holmes said.

Holmes denied the prosecution’s claim that Theranos tried to intimidate or retaliate against Schultz and Cheung.

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