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Heinman finds a new companion: Sunman, a black superhero toy.

Metal is pairing Hee Man with Sun Man, relaunching the black superhero toy for a new generation.


Eternia has a new black hero. Sunman, a muscular action figure sold in the 80’s who was born out of the need for a diverse replacement for Heinman, will join the roster of Metal’s Masters of the Universe, adding a new generation of children. There will be an opportunity to create. Man and the sun man in the fight against evil.

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How he joined forces with the black hero Sonman.


The addition of the first black superhero toy has come amid a huge push from Metal to revive the Master of the Universe line. The new Man and Shi Ra toys are on display at various retailers. Netflix released Masters of the Universe: Revelation. As a fast-paced sequel to the classic 80’s cartoon. And the new series is Man and Masters of the Universe, which is set to launch on Netflix on Thursday and serves as a more child-friendly computer graphic animated series.


Metal is releasing the first premium edition of the Sun Man toy for ڈالر 30, with pre-orders starting Monday.


Sun Man was invented by another toy company, but his true story has always been in contact with Man. The idea came from a woman named Ella Essen, who was born in 1984 to her 3-year-old son, who told her she didn’t think he could be a superhero like Maine because he was white.

When she couldn’t find black action figure heroes in stores, she ran to fill the gap. Essen created the Olympic toy to create multicultural superheroes for boys and girls, the first of which follows the story of the Sun Man and the Sun Rulers. All the characters look like they can fit into Super Buff’s main universe, barely masked men. (Sunman’s associates included the teleconnect Ninja Space Sumo, the future scientist Holographo and the numerical genus Digitino, all fighting the enemy Pighead.) Essen eventually raised the company to 5 5 million in sales. She now teaches at Rutgers Business School in New Jersey.

The man of the sun is the ruler of the sun

Sunman’s original crew since 1985, the ruler of the sun.

Olympic toys.

As Essen explains his role in the interviews, Sunman derives all his power from the sun, so that his skin is not injured by swords or punches. He does not use violence to defeat evil, but he goes beyond intelligence and shows self-confidence.


The metal-assembled Sunman figure comes with a number of accessories.


Metal is licensing Sunman under an agreement with Olympic Toys and has designed a new premium action figure to bring the toy back for the first time in decades. Clear figures include changing heads and hands, removable wings and shields, and a flaming sword. The packaging includes a comic that tells the back story of Sunman and how it fits into the main universe. This $ 30 deposit will be available for fans to pre-order at Metal Creations on Monday, September 13th.

A more basic Sunman action figure for kids ages 6 and up will also go to the shelf store, along with figures from Man and Shi Ra, as Sunman did decades ago.

In 1986, a Washington Post column welcomed Sunman to his rightful place on a toy shelf with Man, Rambo, and G.I. Joe, writing: “For a long time, many black kids Unable to enjoy because he could not identify the white superheroes.

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