Heels review: 10 Ups & 2 Downs for Episode 2: ‘Dusty Finish’


After being really impressed Kayfabe first episode last weekNow, Starz’s Heels is back with its second show.

When we left things off last week, Jack Speed ​​threw his younger brother Ace’s career into question. With cocksure Ace discovered by the major leagues and the pursuit of fame and fortune, Jack corrupts his other brother, setting him into a legitimate surrender move and ending the main event match between the two within seconds.

With Ace put in the role of the star champ in the Duffy Wrestling League, seeing him scream in pain in a way that ruined his wrestling personality, caused locals to mock him, and sent Ace into a drunken haze. For Jack, he has to deal with the issue of DWL losing top star, but he’s also dealing with this deeply fractured relationship with his brother and the impact this has on his family life as well as his work life.

This pretty much sets up a booth for the Dusty Finish-themed match—a nod to the legendary Dusty Rhodes and his habit of pulling the rug out from the crowd while finishing various wrestling matches—and this second episode once again proved to be another great outing for heels.

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