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‘He wanted to join him’: Tom Hanks crashes into California wedding – Boston news, weather, sports

(WHDH) – A newly married couple in California got the surprise of their lives after their wedding.

Actor Tom Hanks crashes into a beachside party to congratulate Tasha and Decembre Farris on their wedding.

“We saw someone walking into the middle of the crowd and at first, I was like, ‘Who is that guy in our pictures,’” Tachia said. “We hear everyone in the crowd saying, ‘This is Tom Hanks!’ and we’re like, ‘What? This isn’t-what?’ ”

The couple said they couldn’t believe their eyes.

Even after you look at it, it’s like, ‘Is that really it? “Is that really Tom Hanks,” said Decembre.

The two-time Oscar winner stopped by to take some pictures once he found out who the newlyweds were.

He walked in at first and asked, you know, ‘Is the groom around to take a picture? ‘ And when he found out they were two women he said, ‘No kidding,’ recalls Decembre.

The couple said Hanks couldn’t be more kind or supportive of their special day.

“He wanted to join her, and he told us how beautiful we looked, and how beautiful our party was. It was as if he had not seen that we were a same-sex couple. He had just seen two beautiful people getting married,” said Decembre.

“Being around someone with such honesty and humility was just a breath of fresh air just to know he was actually that kind of guy,” Tachia added.

Before the newlyweds left to celebrate the birthday of Hanks, who has been married for more than 30 years, he offered some relationship advice.

“He pulled us to the side and he just said, ‘I can see you guys have a lot of love. I can see it in your faces. I feel it. If you have any advice, just make sure to keep the love alive. You know, work on it every day. But I can tell you guys are going away, said Decembre.

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