HBO Releases Trailer For How To With John Wilson Season 2

How about John Wilson?

John Wilson and his eye are back to find New York City’s most eccentric and inexplicable residents. Some believe that the popular HBO series How about John Wilson? He could not survive the epidemic. Well, if the new season 2 trailer proves anything, it’s that the city that never sleeps can use a nap because things in the Big Apple are getting weirder than ever.

How dosimple premise. Wilson chooses a topic and explores it through a seemingly disparate montage of shots from the streets of New York and interviews with people he meets along the way. This season, Wilson, along with his writing staff that includes Gonzo Comedian Conor O’Malley And Orchid Thief The author is Susan Orlean, explores topics such as investing, wine appreciation, and remembering dreams. So, yes, the offer is wide.

The new trailer delivers what you’d expect from Wilson, with his hard-to-believe recordings of the man on the street mixed with his popular and funny patented novel. This is slow TV in the context Joe Pera talking to you. So it only makes sense that the offer from the current king is deadlocked Nathan Fielder, the business expert who got really good grades in university Nathan for you.

Of course, the pandemic made Wilson’s production style a little complicated. However, based on the new preview, there was no shortage of weird New York balls to photograph, even though they are now wearing masks out of precaution rather than for fun.

Wilson’s sharp eye for finding a New York City that many believed no longer existed made him a cult hero and critical lover. NS AV . ClubAnd Alison Shoemaker wrote about How about John Wilson?:

It’s not often that the viewer comes across a TV series that feels completely and completely himself. When you do – and it’s a good chain, to boot – it feels like a gift[…]He’s here to show you the world and give tips on small talk, scaffolding, covering furniture, splitting a check, etc., but that’s always just the starting point. Each episode (especially the thrilling finale, which airs in two weeks’ time) is on its own one of the year’s most satisfying surprises; Together, they are close to being competitive.”

How about John Wilson? Premieres on HBO on November 26.


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