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HBO Max’s Cult Doc Series ‘The Way Down’ Trailer

You can tell you’re into a good poetry documentary series. tiger king It was mullet. vow He was Keith Raniere Horsetail is a bit bad. trailer for The Way Down: God, Greed, and the Cult of Gwen Champlain It begins with a leap of panic from the emeritus Southern Great Priest of the Church, which seems to be the result of an experiment that has gone horribly wrong in Pitfalls factory. Champlain led the Tennessee-based Reminant Fellowship Church, which exited its “Christian-Based Diet Program” and fell into disgrace when two church members were convicted of murdering and assaulting their 8-year-old son. The trailer for the series has a lot of interesting talking moments, with one interviewee saying, “How the Remnant members act is a bit like The Handmaid’s Tale And Stepford wives,” And another gives this chef’s kiss a sonic bite: “To me, the devil is a legend. But I’ve met Gwen Champlain and she’s real.” This series is coming out HBO Max September 30, four months after Champlain and six other church leaders died in a plane crash. The plot thickens.

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