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HBO Max is streaming deadly (but not Shang Chi or Candyman, sorry)

Currently, HBO Max has released Warner Bruce’s new films in theaters on the same day.

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HBO Max has become synonymous with streaming. New theater moviesArrived in American cinemas the same day, thanks to the unprecedented number of releases on the service at no extra cost. This weekend’s biggest new movie – Deadly, the latest horror movie from the creator of The Conjuring franchise – is available on HBO Max. But don’t come to HBO Max to see the big movies that have hit theaters in the last few weeks. Neither Marvel’s Shang Chi and Ten Colors Logos nor Horror Sequel Candyman is available to stream on HBO Max. (The suicide squad also left the service last Sunday.)

The reason is that only movies. HBO Max. Streams are Warner Bruce movies while they are still in theaters. Warner Bruce Flick, Deadly, is scrapping his initial HBO Max over the weekend. Shang Chi And Candyman is distributed by other companies. (However, Candyman. Will HBO will eventually land on Max, and Shang Chi is expected to be released. Disney Plus In mid-october.)

HBO Max. Last year, when he announced that he had made waves. Will stream New, theatrically released films will hit the big screen on the same day in 2021 without any additional charges. Devon and The Matrix 4 released. The recent WB movie Reminiscence is now playing on HBO Max.

But it also means that no other studio movies will be on Max the same day.

The strategy has created some misleading hope among moviegoers. Someone Without knowing the studio that distributes this new movie in new movie theaters, many people are curious that this is probably one of the movies available. HBO Max. Also.

Warner Bros. films have a direct pipeline to Max, as both HBO Max and Warner Bruce are owned and operated by AT&T’s Warner Media. They are siblings, basically.

But it’s worth noting that this hybrid strategy is unique to Warner Bros. and HBO. No other Hollywood studio has been so aggressive in putting many such films (including mega-budget films) on an instant streaming service for free.

In fact, the hybrid release strategy is so aggressive that Warner Media is eliminating it after 2021. . However, that theater window will be much smaller than before the epidemic.

Is Deadly HBO available to stream on Max?

Yes! Deadly – the latest horror creation by conjuring universe architect James Vaughan – became available to stream on HBO Max on Friday morning. It will be available on HBO Max until October 10, when it will be out of service for a few months.

Is Shang Chi streaming?

The number Sheng Chi and the ten color symbols are only available in cinemas until at least mid-October. It is expected to be available for streaming elsewhere. Disney Plus, About a month and a half after the theatrical release.

Shang Chi is bringing Disney back to pre-epidemic theater discrimination. It will be the first film to be released at the Marvel Theater since Sony’s Spider-Man: Far for Home in July 2019.

However, Shang Chi is expected to land on Disney Plus in mid-October, possibly without additional cost to consumers.

For more details, here is a dedicated explanation on CNET details. Shang Chi’s release..

Is Candy Available for Mainstream?

No, Candyman, distributed by Universal, is only available in theaters.

But HBO has what is known as a pay-one licensing deal with Universal, which means that HBO is the first place where Universal’s movies are shown on TV or streaming services. Those films will not reach HBO and HBO Max after three events: first as a theatrical release, then as online rental, and finally for sale on Blu-ray and DVD. Normally, these Pay One movies are released about nine months after their theatrical release, but no date has been announced for Candyman yet.

Regardless, this means that HBO Max is on track to stream them before any other services sometime next year.

Now what about other movies? Is the petrol running? Jungle walk?

None of these are on the Max, but there are ways to stream them.

Pow petrol: Nickelodeon film, available for streaming. Paramount Plus.. Unlike most streaming services in its scope, Paramount Plus offers a seven-day free trial for new sign-ups.

Jungle Cruise isn’t on Max, but it’s available to stream. Disney Plus. As part of Disney Plus Premier Access. Model, Jungle trip (And Black Widow, in this case) are available to Disney Plus members if they pay an additional $ 30 fee in addition to the regular cost of their subscriptions.

What new movies will I stream on HBO Max when I’m in theaters?

All of these titles will be available on HBO Max the day they hit US theaters.

Generally, most new Warner Bruce movies are available to stream on Max at 12:01 am PT / 3: 01am ET on the day of release. But the timing of the arrival of other films may vary, depending on when the first cinema is shown in theaters. Wonder Woman 1984, for example, became available on December 25 at 9 a.m. PT / ET because the early theaters were open that day. The suicide squad was in the same boat, arriving at the service at an unusual time.

All Warner movies released in this “hybrid” model on HBO Max will be available for viewing in 4K Ultra HD resolution and HDR image quality, although those formats are not yet standard for the full Max library.

Many movies have come and gone, including Myrtle Combat and Godzilla vs. Kong. But all these Warner Bruce movies will be back on HBO Max a few months after their release. Wonder Woman 1984, for example, after returning to HBO Max, leaving the service during its theater window in January.

But 2021 is planned to be the only year of streaming new screen movies on HBO Max as they hit theaters due to the corona virus epidemic. Warner Bros. has said that 10 films produced by the studio will go live on HBO Max in 2022, but the big franchise movies will be available for 45 days without any streaming option during this time starting next year. Will be in the houses.

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