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HBO Max and YouTube are now on Spectrum TV.

Two major streaming players, HBO Max and YouTube, have officially arrived on Spectrum TV.

This is the first time that the app has been supported on Spectrum TV, Charter’s digital cable provider and live TV app, and through the Consumer Platform Guide for HBO Max 2004 and for YouTube 2003. Will be able to access the content of both apps. Users will also be able to find them by searching the guide or from the guide’s apps menu. (Subscription to HBO Max, which costs $ 10 with ads or $ 15 to clear the ad and unlock theatrical releases on the same day, will still require access to the content.)

Both apps are a huge addition to Spectrum’s platform. HBO Max, which launched well over a year ago, offers over 13,000 hours of premium content from brands including HBO, DC, Cartoon Network, Adult Swimming, Studio Ghabli, and Max. Original included. The service also made Warner Bruce. The entire 2021 movie slate is available at its premium level on the same day that the movie is released in cinemas at no extra cost. Although a controversial move that has caused Warner Media a lot of headaches, it is still a great price for anyone who is still uncertain about returning to theaters.

A spokesman noted that the guide channels offer users an additional way to access HBO Max and YouTube apps. Together with Netflix, they are the first three streaming apps to be accessed directly through the Spectrum Guide.

“As the video landscape continues to change, we’re developing our products and making it easier for our customers to watch streaming apps from the easy launch points within the Spectrum TV experience.” About the video experience, a statement said. “We look forward to expanding this library and expect to launch more streaming video apps in the coming months.”

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