Hawkeye’s Easter Egg Premiere Doubles As A Smart Nod To Hailee Steinfeld’s Career

It’s no secret that the Marvel Cinematic Universe adores Easter eggs. Every Marvel Studios movie and TV show is filled with references and hidden gestures by creative teams as a way to provide fun moments for fans and honor the people who inspired them. the new hook The series is no different, and there’s an Easter egg at the start of the premiere that not only contains a link to a previous MCU character, but also serves as a clever nod to the series’ star’s career and newcomer in the MCU Hailee Steinfeld.

The opening scene of hook In 2012, during the Battle of New York. After the opening credits, the first scene in the current MCU shows Kate sneaking around her college campus at night, trying to win a bit and famously ringing the school bell by shooting him with an arrow. When the credits are up, the school’s founding shot shows that the building Kate climbs is called Stein’s Tower, named after Abidia Stan.

(Photo: Marvel Studios)

As you probably remember, Obadiah Stein was the number one villain in the MCU. He ran Stark Industries with Tony and secretly sold weapons to terrorists without Tony’s knowledge. On the surface, this reference to Stane I feel is pretty simple and even misplaced. Many have noted it and may have written it as nothing more than a nice nod to the former Marvel character. However, it is actually a little deeper than that.

This scene is Hailee Steinfeld’s first in the MCU. Of all the characters whose names would have been in that building, Marvel chose to name it after a villain, and chose to place it here with Kate Bishop. Everything starts to fall into place when you remember who played Obidah Stan.

Favorite Academy Award Winner Jeff Bridges Stein portrayed in Iron Man, all the way in 2008. Two years later, Steinfeld would make her big screen debut by starring in the Coen Brothers’ popular remake of True grit. Who was Steinfeld’s star in her first movie?

You guessed it, Jeff Bridges.

(Photo: Paramount Pictures)

The name of anyone in this building would have been and the MCU callback would have been nice, but in reference to Obidiah Stan, hook She also managed to relate Steinfeld’s first movie to her first scene in the Marvel universe.

The first two episodes of hook Streaming now on Disney +


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