Hawkeye Rumor suggests disappointing news for Episodes 3 and 4 on Disney+

after, after hook It debuted with nearly two hours of running time between its first two episodes, and a new rumor spreading quickly across the internet might not be exactly what fans of the show wanted to hear. Rising insider Amit Choudhury tweeted on Sunday that episodes three and four of Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld’s series will only run for 80 minutes.

This runtime is supposed to include any credits and post-credits scenes, making the next two episodes the shortest in the series and close to the runtime of what we’ve seen with WandaVision. On the other hand, the third and fourth episodes of The Hawk and the Winter Soldier It was longer than the introductory two episodes while loki Fell more in line with hook. Until then, the loki Episodes never got close to 40 minutes of running time.

Despite potentially shorter runtimes, Marvel’s product Trinh Tran She previously told ComicBook.com that she originally wanted to help tell Hawkeye’s story because it’s more intimate than anything Marvel has ever released.

“That’s actually one of the reasons I wanted to do ‘Hawkeye.’ It’s a much more intimate and personal story and it’s not quite another world ending, 64 heroes all coming together, but focusing only on Clint and Kate, you know? High skills and what’s their story? We’ve never had any opportunity to tell the story of Clint Barton,” Tran revealed.

“So I think the door was wide open as to what it could be while maintaining that, obviously 10 years of his life with the Avengers, you know, and then introducing a new person into the world,” noted the executive producer. “So, it’s that intimate, smaller family, set up on holidays, that I love, and that’s why I gravitated toward this very family. Most importantly, they’re human, they don’t have superpowers. And that was just something a little different than I did in the past.”

The first two episodes of hook They are now streaming on Disney+.

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