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Hashnod: A blogging platform for developers

Hashnood is one Free Developer blogging platform. Say you’ve just finished an ambitious project and want to write about the ten most important lessons you’ve learned as a developer. You want Definitely Blog – I personally like this kind of blog post. Jumping into the technical debt of running your blog is no small choice, but it is important to own your own content. With Hashnood, the decision becomes much easier. You can blog under a site that you own entirely, and at the same time, developers will be able to reap the benefits of hosting software Taylor Made Med for blogging. And Become part of a community center around the developer’s writing.

Here are some of the ones I found to be technical:

  • Write in the markdown. I’m not sure I’ve ever met a developer who didn’t want to write
  • This is not “your content” Theoretically You can export content. Your content Your gut is in repo. Do you want to migrate it later? Go for it.
  • Your site, whether on your own custom domain or in a free subdomain, is hosted, CDN supported, and SSL secured, while customized to your own style.
  • There are developer-specific features, such as highlighting the syntax of your code.
  • You can be part of the community behind the scenes as well as be part of the community on the site.
  • Your blog is highly optimized for performance, accessibility and SEO. On Lighthouse Reports you will see 100, which is no small feat.

The biggest fans of your future are waiting for you.

An example of my personalized hashwood newsletter with the best stuff from my feed.

The team there is not unaware of other hosting blogging platforms. We’ve seen programming blog posts on Medium, right? They are once in my experience. Hashenwood Medium is an alternative for developers. Medium doesn’t just cater specifically to the developer audience. Plus, you’ll never know that when your content is behind a random paywall, fellow developers will be turned off the mega-turn by trying to learn something. There are no ads or paychecks on Hashnood.

Smart move, I would say, right away. Is buying a domain name to represent you. I think this is a very valuable step in all the developing journey. Then it was applied to Hashnod. Then from that day forward, wherever you are, you are building domain equity. You will never regret it. The power of this domain is forever for you. Medium wants $ 50 / year to map a domain and DEV doesn’t allow you to do that at all.

But build your own site Can Experience loneliness first. The internet is a big place and you will be a little fish and first. Starting with Hashnod, it’s like having a cheat code to be a big fish in one day.

DEV is also a developer’s writing hub there, but they don’t allow you to host your site and create your own domain equity, such as hashing, or customizing it to your liking.

Hashnood is made by developers, for real, for developers. Blogging for devs! The team that is most interested in and accepts your feature requests.

Another twist Here you can only love.

Hashnood Sponsors is a new way your fans can help monetize your blog directly, and Hashnaud is definitely worth it. Do not take reduction.

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