Hannity: Biden plans to help Taliban as economic tanks, Americans show disapproval of anti-Joe chants

President Biden His administration plans to send American taxpayer money to Afghanistan as the economy continues to repatriate with record inflation, high gas prices, and supply chain chaos. Sean Hannity He said Tuesday during a period Opening monologue – Adding that many Americans are beginning to openly show their frustration with the White House.

The Taliban said on Sunday that the United States had agreed to provide humanitarian aid to Afghanistan, which is on the brink of economic disaster, while at the same time refusing to give political recognition to the country’s new Taliban government. US State Department spokesman Ned Price described the talks with the extremist regime as “frank and professional.” But Biden’s team said the talks in Qatar over the weekend should not be seen as a sign of imminent official recognition of the Taliban government in Kabul.

Hannity noted that Biden has now gone 40 days without mentioning US citizens stranded behind Taliban lines in Afghanistan, despite his planned spending of taxpayer money in that country.

“The Biden administration It plans to send more money to the Taliban. They call it humanitarian aid, but actually, where I grew up, that sounds a lot like paying a huge ransom to terrorists.”

He said Afghanistan is just one of a long list of things Biden touched that is “turning into a disaster that cannot be mitigated.”

He added that the American people are paying attention, referring to an incident last week following a NASCAR race where the crowd shouted anti-Biden slogans.

NBC Sports reporter Kelly Stavast was interviewing race winner Brandon Brown to thunderous cheers from the audience “F—Joe Biden.” Staffast seemed to downplay the cheers and insisted that the audience was yelling “Let’s go Brandon”.

Since then, chants of “Let’s go Brandon” have become an anti-Biden meme and have appeared at as many sporting events and large rallies across the country as in New Jersey. In the New York Jets game.

“Let’s go. Brandon is the new favorite among Americans,” he said. “You, the American people, have every reason to be angry with Joe Biden.”

“He is failing this country at every turn and you are paying the price,” the host added. “Inflation is now costing families $175 a month or an additional $2,100 a year — Regards, Joe Biden,” Hannity said.


He noted that the Biden administration also appears invested in a “green” agenda more than the economic impact of its policies on the everyday American working class.

“At the heart of our current economic crisis is an ignorant president with severe cognitive decline,” he said, noting that Biden ended his workday as early as 3 p.m. on Tuesday.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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